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Guide to moving from Boston to New Jersey

Moving From Boston MA to New Jersey? ๐Ÿšš | Tips From the Best Movers for Boston to New Jersey Relocations

Last Updated on: 3rd July 2024, 11:31 am

Moving from Boston, MA to New Jersey can be challenging. Long distance travel is usually very stressful, and there are many different variables that can complicate the process. You may be transitioning from an urban area to a suburb or going from an apartment to a single-family home. That’s why it often helps to prepare and hire experienced movers for Boston to New Jersey relocations, who can help make the transition smooth and stress-free.

When it comes time to make the journey, our skilled crew of Boston movers has your back. But, to help you get ready, here is everything you need to know before moving from Boston, MA to New Jersey.

What Moving to New Jersey is Like

Going from Boston to New Jersey can be a major change. New Jersey is known for its affluent suburbs, beautiful coastline, and commuter towns. It’s located in the northeastern United States, bordering New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

The vibe of the state can vary tremendously, from peaceful residential neighborhoods to bustling urban centers. New Jersey is home to notable cities like Hoboken, Jersey City, and Atlantic City. It’s also home to some of the wealthiest suburbs of New York City and Philadelphia, such as Short Hills and Rumson.

It’s famous for its boardwalk beaches and the casinos of Atlantic City, as well as being the location of popular reality TV shows like the Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Jersey Shore. Although not particularly well known for its cuisine, it’s often called the “diner capital of the world” due to its high concentration of diners.It has a humid continental climate in the north and a humid subtropical climate in the south, indicating warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The population of New Jersey is around 8.8 million as of the 2020 census. Living in New Jersey is relatively affordable, and the median home price is $510,700, while the average rent is $2,236. However, it can vary greatly depending on where you live. The median household income is $96,346.


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Benefits of Moving from Boston to New Jersey

If you’re considering moving from Massachusetts to New Jersey, you’ll likely want to know how they stack up. Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of moving from Boston to New Jersey.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Boston is generally higher than in New Jersey. Massachusetts’s cost of living index is 148 (meaning it’s 48% higher than the national average), while New Jersey’s is 114 (indicating it’s about 14% higher than the rest of the country).

That means the cost of living in New Jersey vs Massachusetts is 34% lower. The COLI for Boston is also 153, which is about 39% higher than the New Jersey average. You would need to earn about $7,828 to maintain the same lifestyle in Jersey City as a person in Boston who earns $8,300.

Crime Rate

If you’re thinking about moving from Boston to NJ, you’ll want to consider the crime. New Jersey is a very safe state with many quiet villages and suburbs. The total crime rate in New Jersey is 1,620 crimes per 100,000 residents, while in Boston, it’s 2,421 crimes per 100,000 people. So crime in Boston is about 39% higher.ย 

However, New Jersey is a large state and does have some urban areas that are more dangerous than Boston. For instance, the crime rate in Trenton, New Jersey, is 20% higher than in Boston.

Median Home Price

Anyone moving from Boston, MA to New Jersey will also want to consider real estate prices. In general, housing prices in Boston are higher. The median home price in Boston is $774,500, and the average rent is $3842.

In New Jersey, the median home price is $575,000 and the average rent is $2,236. However, it depends on where you live because there are plenty of small cities and towns in New Jersey with a median home price that’s over $1 million.

Neighborhoods and Diversity

The Boston area tends to have more well defined neighborhoods and diversity. Boston has 23 well defined neighborhoods and 84 sub-districts. The ethnic and racial breakdown is 48.6% white (44.2% non-Hispanic), 22.5% Black or African American, 19.6% Hispanic or Latino, 9.7% Asian and 12% two or more races.

New Jersey does have plenty of notable and historic neighborhoods, but as a state, it’s better known for its suburban cul-de-sacs and commuter towns. The racial and ethnic breakdown is 70.7% White (52.9% non-Hispanic), 21.9% Hispanic or Latino, 14.4% Black or African American, 10.5% Asian, and 2.4% two or more races.


The weather in Boston and New Jersey is fairly comparable. Both Boston and Northern New Jersey have a humid continental climate. Temperatures in Boston typically fluctuate from 23ยฐF to 82ยฐF, while in New Jersey, they range from about 27ยฐF to 83ยฐFยฐ. Being further south, New Jersey tends to be slightly warmer and gets less snow. The statewide average snowfall is 26 inches in New Jersey versus 56 inches in Boston. So pack snow boots if you plan on moving from Boston, MA, to New Jersey.

Things to Do

Boston boasts more sports teams, cultural attractions, and historic monuments, while Jersey is more famous for its beaches, boardwalks, and parks. Boston is home to exciting attractions like Fenway Park, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, and The Paul Revere House. New Jersey is more known for the Atlantic City boardwalk, Liberty State Park, and the resorts on the Cape May Peninsula.


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Schools & Education

Both are well known for their excellent educational systems, but schools in New Jersey tend to be more consistent across the board. A new report by Teach Simple shows that New Jersey has the second-best school system in the country, and Massachusetts has the number one spot.

New Jersey is home to reputable colleges like Princeton University, Rutgers, and Seton Hall. Boston is a major hub for higher education and home to Harvard University, MIT, and Northeastern. It’s also home to many top-rated public schools, although being a major urban area, the quality can be mixed.

Public Transportation

Boston has a more comprehensive public transportation system. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operates 3 heavy rail, 2 light rail, and 1 bus line across 153 stops, serving over 85 million people every year. Boston residents can also get parking permits from the city in certain neighborhoods. Individual cities in New Jersey have public transportation, but they tend to feature a more suburban, car-centric culture.

Culture and Vibe

Boston has a more well-defined cultural identity. It’s known for its colonial heritage, New England charm, and cultural monuments. The vibe and culture of New Jersey can vary greatly depending on where you live, and it tends to borrow its cultural influences from New York and Philadelphia.


Boston has a few more sports teams. It’s home to the Boston Celtics (NBA), Red Sox (MLB) and the Bruins (NHL). The New Jersey Devils in the NHL is the only pro sports team in New Jersey.

Boston to New Jersey Movers

You may need to hire movers for Boston to New Jersey relocations for many different reasons. Interstate movers in Boston will make the journey far more efficient by handling the entire project from beginning to end. When the movers arrive, they will prep your home to prevent damage to your belongings or safety concerns. Skilled packers and movers in Boston can help you organize and pack all your belongings and load everything into the truck for transit. Finally, the New Jersey interstate movers will unpack everything at the final destination.

Benefits of hiring Boston long distance moving companies include:

  • An experienced moving coordinator will lead the crew
  • Boxes and packing materials will be supplied or delivered for sale
  • Professionals can pack all your belongings and load boxes and furniture into the truck
  • The Boston long distance movers can disassemble and reassemble furniture when needed
  • The Interstate movers in NJ can place all your belongings in the appropriate rooms
  • Storage is available before or after the move

Boston interstate moving companies make the process easy, allowing you to stop stressing and focus on the journey ahead. Our Boston long distance movers have all the tools and training needed to make the journey smooth and simple.


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Why Mass Bay Movers is Your Best Choice for Boston to New Jersey Movers

Before hiring any interstate moving companies in Boston, make sure you’re choosing the right candidate. Putting an inexperienced crew in charge of the project will only make your life harder. So be sure to do a bit of research before deciding on any Boston long distance moving companies.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best movers for Boston to New Jersey travel:

  • Look at any reviews on Google and Yelp.
  • Visit their website to look for key stats like how many years they’ve been in business and how many miles they’ve traveled.
  • Confirm they have the proper licensing and insurance with comprehensive value protection.
  • Verify they have state-of-the-art equipment and a well-stocked commercial moving truck.
  • Is their customer service team friendly and attentive?
  • Make sure all your moving needs are met (if not, keep looking)

At Mass Bay Movers, we are the number one Boston long distance moving company for an easy and affordable relocation. Our experienced Boston to New Jersey movers perform over 2,000 moves per year. We have a team of over 50 dedicated Boston interstate movers who are 100% background-checked and have all the skills needed to handle any relocation, big or small. The hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google speak for themselves, and we maintain a 4.9/5-star rating. Get in touch today if you need help moving from Boston, MA to New Jersey.

Boston to New Jersey Moving Costs

You’ll likely want to assess the costs of hiring movers for Boston to New Jersey relocation projects. No matter what, you can expect affordable rates and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. However, several variables can impact the final cost of professional moving services.

Factors that influence the cost of hiring Boston to New Jersey movers:

  • Where in New Jersey are you headed, and how many miles away is the new location?
  • How many boxes, pieces of furniture, and other cargo require transportation?
  • How many crew members are needed to handle the job?
  • When do you need to move, and when do you plan to arrive?
  • Do you need any additional services, such as storage or packing help?

No matter what you need, our Boston long distance movers are at your service. The best way to get an accurate assessment of the costs is to reach out and request a free quote. Our customer service team will gladly provide you with a free, written estimate on the cost of hiring movers for a Boston to New Jersey relocation.


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Boston to New Jersey Distances and Travel Information

While the team is busy transporting your belongings to the final destination, you’ll have to decide whether to drive from Boston to New Jersey or find a different mode of transportation. Here are a few different ways to make the journey.

  • New Jersey to Boston drive: The distance from Boston to New Jersey is about 200 miles. Although it depends on where you’re headed. So the Boston to New Jersey drive time is about 3 and a half hours or more. There are a few different routes you can take, but you’ll likely pass through Hartford and New York City, where you can stop at attractions like the Empire State Building or The Connecticut Science Center.
  • Flying from Boston to New Jersey: The flight from Logan International Airport (BOS) to Newark Liberty International airport (EWR) takes about an hour and a half with ticket prices starting at $50.
  • Boston to New Jersey by train: You can take the Amtrak train from Boston to Newark Penn Station and then transfer to a different line if needed. The trip takes about 4.5 hours, and tickets start at $150.

Planning on moving from Boston, MA to New Jersey. Our qualified Boston interstate movers are ready to help. Call (978) 587-3775 today for a free, custom moving quote.


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