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Boston Moving and Storage

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Hiring a Boston moving and storage company provides peace of mind that your belongings will arrive at your home (or storage unit) safely. The need for storage services during a move is prevalent. Maybe you’ve discovered old novelties you don’t have the space for, or you’ve downsized to a smaller home or apartment. No matter the reason, a full-service storage moving company will provide state-of-the-art storage for your precious possessions. 

Mass Bay Movers has been servicing the Boston and Great Boston Area for many years; we have the experience and resources to alleviate the usual stressors that moving entails.

Boston Moving & Storage Company Storage Options

You need a dependable moving company that offers Boston storage. Mass Bay Movers offers several storage options and additional top-notch amenities for your belongings. The type of storage your goods will be matched up with depends on the items, how long you plan to store them, the size, and the weight. 

As a professional Boston moving and storage company, we offer the following storage options, ensuring no matter the amount or size of your items, we’ll have the space for them.


Wooden vaults are used primarily for household goods and are the most common form of moving storage. They’re secure and tightly closed off to ensure you and your movers are the only ones that have access.


Racking storage is for those big-ticket items that are too big for the vaults. Racking these goods ensures they’re out of harm’s way, while being stored in a secure, climate controlled warehouse. Racking is also common for storing furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) goods during commercial relocations.


Palletized storage applies to almost anything in the warehouse. The purpose is to keep your precious cargo off the ground, safe and sound.


Oversized storage is for oversized items; we’re talking about couches, pianos, or boats. If your new address doesn’t have the necessary space for these items, we’re happy to host them (long-term or short-term).

What’s the difference between long-term and short-term storage? Short-term storage is when you temporarily house your properties with experienced Boston movers or anytime less than three months. Long-term storage is when you utilize our climate-controlled warehouse for anything longer than three months. 

Short-term storage is commonly utilized by students during the summer or people that have last minute changes to their moving plan. Some people may need to store furniture before moving into their new home.


Boston’s Top Moving & Storage Company Details

Mass Bay Movers is one of the top Boston moving and storage companies. We have 5-star Google reviews, complete over 2,000 moves per year, and have 50+ dedicated, background-checked employees to help assist you during your relocation. 

There are certain attributes professional movers must have to be deemed qualified. Before committing to a company, do your research and ask helpful questions. 

Here’s how to choose a good Boston moving and storage company:

Check out their Google and Yelp reviews

Word-out-mouth is a great way to gauge how reliable the movers really are. Any company can claim they’re the best of the best; they should have the reviews to prove it.

Make sure they are licensed and insured

All legitimate relocation companies are licensed and insured. If your chosen company is not, we suggest looking for options elsewhere.

See if the company provides excellent customer service

You only want the most polite and courteous movers working in your home. Ensure the team you choose is well-trained, trusted, and background-checked.

Look for solid trust statistics

Trust stats are a surefire sign you’ve found a great (or not so great) Boston Moving and storage company. You want a well-established company with plenty of completed moves and trustworthy stats.

Check that they have relevant and exceptional experience

You want experienced Boston movers and storage to move and (potentially) store your belongings.

Ensure the company is able to meet your needs

You want experienced Boston movers and storage to move and (potentially) store your belongings.
While storage will be an additional charge on top of your regular moving services and is usually charged monthly, it will still be affordable! The best way to get an accurate quote is by contacting Mass Bay Movers. Make sure you’re prepared to discuss the items you wish to store and how long you plan to store them. The price is affected by the number of vaults needed and whether you will be storing your items long or short-term. 

Mass Bay Movers offers 30,000 square feet of climate controlled, monitored, and alarm-equipped, full-service storage in Boston. Not only will your belongings be in a climate-controlled environment, but they will also be properly stored with protective materials with pad wrap or shrink wrap. We have a dedicated warehouse staff that keeps an itemized inventory list and we take the necessary steps to ensure your items remain secure.

Reasons People Store at Boston’s Best Full-Service Storage Company

There are many reasons people choose to utilize Boston storage facilities. Many factors can change when relocating, so working with a company that offers long-term and short-term storage is vital. Whether your closing date got pushed back, you’re downsizing, you’re staging your home, cleaning out your dorm, storing a loved one’s belongings, or you simply need more space, Mass Bay Movers is here to help. Whatever the reaon, bring it over to us. With 30,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have plenty of room. If you need extra space for three months or less, you can utilize our short-term options.

We can also keep your belongings for as long as you’d like in our long-term storage facilities. Maybe you have a wine collection you’d like to let age with us, personal possessions you don’t use often, boxes that keep getting in the way, a piano you don’t play, or an art collection or furniture that no longer fit your new homes feng shui; bring these items to us, we have plenty of space. 

No matter which storage option you choose, if you don’t have professional packers helping you, this project can take you a significant amount of time, and it’s often longer than you think. While we suggest packing assistance, here are a few tips:
If you aren’t seeking residential storage services, we can still help. We offer specialized storage facilities that accommodate commercial properties like office furniture, files, computers, FF&E, etc.
No matter what type of Boston storage service you need, Mass Bay Movers has you covered. Storage services are a key component of the moving process and is a resource that our company offers. Call (978) 587-3775 to reach our professional team at Mass Bay Movers. We can provide you with a free estimate and further discuss your storage needs.

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