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Boston Long Distance Movers

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The Bay State is beckoning you home! Moving cross country is important for so many reasons, but you don’t want to rush the process or leave your items behind. Before you book your plane tickets to Logan Airport, you need to figure out how to move long distance, including how you can find the best Boston cross country moving companies. Here is your essential guide on Boston long distance movers.

What Is a Boston Long Distance Move?

People often confuse long distance moves with cross country and interstate moves. Long distance moving involves moving more than 50 to 100 miles away from your old home. Boston long distance moving companies can help you regardless of whether you are moving between states or staying within Massachusetts. Mass Bay Movers serves those moving to the Boston Metropolitan Area.

An interstate move is a move that takes place across state lines. Regardless of how far you are moving, if you drive over state lines, you need to talk to an interstate moving company. You can talk to Boston out of state moving companies or turn your attention to Boston national moving companies.

A cross country move involves driving across several states, if not from coast to coast. It counts as a long distance move, but you will need to pay more money to a cross country furniture moving company due to the distance. Boston cross country movers specialize in moving your items a long way without damaging them, so you should hire them instead of generalized interstate moving companies.  

There are many good reasons why you may want to move far away with Boston out of state moving companies. You may want to go to Boston’s excellent schools or get healthcare from Boston-area hospitals. Moving away from home can help you create a fresh start, letting you establish your own home or get a new job.

Mass Bay Movers provides service throughout New England, New York, and New Jersey. Whatever state you are living in and whatever reason you have for becoming a Boston resident, our team of Boston cross country movers can give you personalized services to meet your needs.

Moving Cross Country With Mass Bay Movers

Your long distance journey begins with a meeting with a dedicated move coordinator. They will talk to you about what you are bringing with you and how you can pack your items effectively. If you don’t have good packing materials, your coordinator and a team of employees can help you purchase them. 

Mass Bay Movers can give you a free quote for your excursion. We charge an hourly rate plus travel and materials, and we can give you a cost estimate once you call us. 

Once you’ve obtained your boxes, you can start packing. When you need help, you can order packing services from Mass Bay Movers. Employees can also help you disassemble your furniture, including bed frames. 

When moving day arrives, our team of out of state movers can move your boxes and furniture from your house and load them into our trucks. We can haul them to your new address, drop them off at your door, and help you set up your new home. We can also reassemble your furniture for you and place them in the rooms you want them to be in. 

Hiring interstate movers may seem inconvenient at first. But in the long-run, it can save you time and money. You can avoid the strain that comes with lugging around your furniture. While your Boston long distance movers are taking care of your belongings, you can focus on changing jobs or filling out the paperwork that comes with moving a long distance.

The Cost of Boston Long Distance Moving

Several factors affect the price of your distant move with Boston long distance moving companies. The longer you need to move, the more money you need to pay. 

However, even a local move can be expensive if you have many things you are bringing with you. If you are bringing a heavy piano or a lot of hefty furniture, you will need to pay more, regardless of how many other things you are bringing. 

Moves on weekends can be more expensive, as are moves during a peak season like the summer. If you need additional services like packing and furniture assembly, you will also need to pay more. Some people need to store their excess items before, during, or after their move, and we can store your items at an affordable cost. 

Each quote from Mass Bay Movers is customized for your needs, and we try to make things as affordable as possible. You can call a customer service representative for a free quote or get state toone online. A virtual survey can help you compare long distance moving quotes with each other so you can find the best Boston state to state moving company. 

Choosing the Best Boston State to State Movers

You should spend a little time picking the best Boston cross country moving services. You should always check the Google reviews of a company you are considering. The star rating is important, but you should read the comments and see how focused the employees are and how they start moving delicate items. We at Mass Bay Movers have a 98% satisfaction rate

See how many years in business the company has and the number of moves they have made over the years. Mass Bay Movers makes more than 2,000 moves a year, with hundreds of long distance moves throughout New England. 

The Boston long distance moving company should have a Massachusetts moving license and moving insurance. Mass Bay Movers is licensed and insured for all moves. You should ask a customer service representative about these, and you should get a clear and courteous answer. 

The best state to state movers will use premium equipment, including new trucks. Crews should have special training in wrapping bulky supplies and filling all space inside their trucks. The same crew should take care of the entire trek, letting you develop a good relationship with each employee. 

If you have special items like pianos, your company should provide specialized moving services. Mass Bay Movers offers piano moving, gun moving, and artwork moving services for all of our clients. We also help seniors move from their homes and assist anyone with moving into an apartment. If you need a few extra hands to help you move things around or pack your boxes, you can order labor only services from us. 

Mass Bay Movers - The Most Reliable Boston Cross Country Movers

When you’re ready to start your cross country adventure, Mass Bay Movers can lend a hand. We serve everyone in the Greater Boston area. Our professional team can give you an affordable and personalized moving experience so you can set up your new life in Boston. Reach out to our team of more than 50 Boston long distance movers at 978-587-3775. 

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