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Richest Neighborhoods in Boston

Richest Neighborhoods in Boston [2024] | 💲 What are Boston’s Wealthiest Neighborhoods?

Last Updated on: 25th March 2024, 09:01 am

The city of Boston is one of the richest cities in the country and has many affluent neighborhoods to match.

There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy. Most of the time, someone who earns a high income every year is considered rich. While someone with wealth may not have a high annual income but their assets or inheritance have made them wealthy.

Despite these minor differences, many people feel that there isn’t much of a contrast between being rich and wealthy. Both have assets and money at their disposal to use in a way that best suits their lifestyle and needs.

With that in mind, this list of the richest neighborhoods in Boston is meant to point out the communities which have the highest median household incomes in the city. The area is home to both rich and wealthy people alike, offering the nicest homes, walkable neighborhoods, and many top-rated amenities.

If you’re thinking about moving to Boston, learning about the richest Boston neighborhoods will help you find the right place for you. Most of the details regarding these communities are found through the US Census.

Boston’s Richest Neighborhoods

1. Downtown

Nowhere in Boston is as historic as the community now known as Downtown. You can learn more about Downtown Boston’s history by visiting landmarks like the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum or take your kids for an educational day out at the Boston Children’s Museum.

With a median household income of $168,638 per year, Downtown is the richest neighborhood in Boston. It is also the location of the Old State House as well as Boston’s City Hall.

Downtown is one of the richest neighborhoods in Boston

Downtown Boston is known for being the city’s central business district with great job opportunities with companies like CVS, Drift, TD Bank, ASICS Digital, and more.

Recent construction in Downtown Boston has brought many new apartments and condos as newcomers relocate to the community. The majority of Downtown Boston homes for sale are typically located within highrises, condos, and apartment complexes.

While Downtown Boston doesn’t have the lowest crime rate, there are safe places to live in the neighborhood.

Amazing shopping is available in Downtown Boston at the highly popular Faneuil Hall Marketplace. A couple of the most reputable places to eat in Downtown are Legal Sea Foods and Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse.

  • Neighborhood Population: 1,976
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02108, 02109, 02110, 02111, 02127, 02203, 02210
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $168,638
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $818,000

2. Waterfront

Located along Boston Harbor next to the Financial District, the community of Waterfront is one of the richest areas in Boston. Residents in Waterfront bring in a median household income of $153,545 per year, which is almost twice the national average.

Waterfront is known for its beautiful setting and the many city cruise services that take people out into the harbor. It also has some of the top-rated Boston hotels such as InterContinental Boston, Boston Marriott Long Wharf, and the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Among the richest neighborhoods to live in Boston, Waterfront homes for sale offer gorgeous spaces with options for every lifestyle. The area has a low crime rate giving locals peace of mind as they travel from place to place within the community.

A couple of the top things to do in Waterfront include attractions like the New England Aquarium as well as the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park.

Two of the best Waterfront restaurants include James Hook & Co and Trillium Garden on The Greenway.

  • Neighborhood Population: 4,403
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02109, 02210
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $153,545 
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $966,000

3. Charlestown

Having been settled in 1628, Charlestown is the oldest community in the city of Boston. It was originally its own city until 1874 when Boston annexed the area. Charlestown is known for being the location of the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775.

Not only is Charlestown ranked among the wealthiest Boston neighborhoods, but it is also considered one of the best places for families to live in the city.

Charlestown view from Bunker Hill

Charlestown can be found directly north of Downtown Boston across the Charles River. As a fairly safe place to live in Boston, Charlestown has a crime rate that is about 17% lower than the national average.

The real estate market is somewhat competitive with plenty of nice Charlestown homes for sale at any given time.

Anyone moving to Charlestown will find plenty of enjoyable things to do in the community such as the Boston National Historical Park and the USS Constitution Museum.

There are many upscale restaurants in Charlestown such as Warren Tavern and Brewer’s Fork.

  • Neighborhood Population: 16,439
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02114, 02129, 02141, 02143, 02145, 02149
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $94,579
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $784,000

4. South Boston

Commonly referred to by locals as “Southie”, the neighborhood of South Boston is a wealthy community in the city. The area that makes up South Boston also includes the Seaport District, which is a redevelopment that offers many luxury amenities.

South Boston was annexed by the city in 1804 and has become a pleasant community to live in. Among the most affluent neighborhoods in Boston, homes for sale in South Boston are clean and comfortable. The local crime rate is about 19% lower than the national average.

Home to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, many people gather in South Boston every year as they celebrate the city’s strong Irish-American culture. Other popular South Boston activities can be found at places like the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center as well as Castle Island.

Convenient shopping is available in South Boston at the South Bay Center.

  • Neighborhood Population: 33,688
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02111, 02118, 02125, 02127, 02210
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $89,069
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $969,000

5. Back Bay

The pleasant affluent Boston neighborhood of Back Bay is known for its unique Victorian-style brownstone properties from the 19th century. As home to its own Architectural District, Back Bay has many historical landmarks worth checking out.

Most homes for sale in Back Bay are over $1 million due to the community’s many perks. Some of the top-rated things to do in Back Bay include visiting the Charles River Esplanade and shopping at the Prudential Center. The main Boston Public Library is also located in Back Bay.

Aerial view of Back Bay in Boston, MA

If you’re looking for the top Back Bay places to eat, don’t miss out on great spots like Saltie Girl and The Friendly Toast Restaurant.

While Back Bay is considered one of the most wealthy areas in Boston, it also has a fairly high crime rate that is about 62% higher than the national average.

  • Neighborhood Population: 21,884
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02108, 02111, 02114, 02115, 02116, 02118, 02199, 02215
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $97,762
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $1.64 million

6. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is best known for being home to the Massachusetts State House, which was completed in 1798. As a charming and affluent neighborhood in Boston, Beacon Hill is also one of the most densely populated.

Beacon Hill homes for sale are among the most expensive you’ll find across the entire Boston metropolitan area with several multi-million dollar locations around the neighborhood. The community is walkable with plenty of great amenities nearby including Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Anyone looking for the best place to shop in Beacon Hill will love the many options available at Downtown Crossing.

  • Neighborhood Population: 9,943
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02108, 02114
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $102,168
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $3.2 million

7. North End

The area of North End is considered part of the rich side of Boston and is located directly to the north of Downtown. Among the city’s smallest communities, North End only takes up about 0.36 square miles.

This neighborhood is commonly known as Boston’s Little Italy because more than 30% of residents living in North End have Italian ancestry.

Brick houses in North End Boston neighborhood

Going hand in hand with this culture, North End is also recognized for its incredible selection of Italian restaurants. The small community has more than 87 restaurants including amazing spots like Union Oyster House, Giacomo’s, Antico Forno, Bova’s Bakery, and Theo’s Cozy Corner Restaurant.

Local homes for sale in North End are consistently priced over $1 million on average, making it an expensive community in Boston.

  • Neighborhood Population: 10,605
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02109, 02110, 02113, 02114
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $98,523
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $1.16 million

8. West End

While much of the original West End is non-residential, the neighborhood is still among the richest neighborhoods to live in Boston. Most of the land that makes up West End is owned by the Massachusetts General Hospital as well as the Government Center.

Since the area is mainly commercial, you’ll find that local homes for sale in West End are mainly mid to upscale apartments. These properties offer pleasant living with easy access to Downtown Boston and other nearby communities.

Enjoyable and educational attractions are available in West End at destinations like the Museum of Science and The West End Museum. Some of the best West End restaurants are The Tip Tap Room and Ma Maison

  • Neighborhood Population: 5,330
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02109, 02113, 02114, 02129, 02141, 02142
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $83,810
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $568,000

9. Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is considered one of the greenest neighborhoods in Boston when it comes to both wealth and local parks. Nearby destinations like Jamaica Pond, Olmsted Park, and the Franklin Park Zoo offer residents plenty of green grass and open space to walk, play, or picnic. On the other hand, Jamaica Plan is also among Boston’s most affluent communities.

People living in Jamaica Plain enjoy comfortable, affluent lifestyles and a low crime rate. Jamaica Plain homes for sale are surrounded by the many local parks with a commute of only about 6 miles to Downtown Boston.

A couple of the most popular restaurants in Jamaica Plain are Canary Square and Brassica Kitchen + Cafe.

  • Neighborhood Population: 41,262
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02115, 02119, 02120, 02130, 02131, 02445
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $84,035
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $749,000

10. West Roxbury

The wealthy Boston neighborhood of West Roxbury was settled in 1630 and founded in 1851. This area is not to be confused with the community of Roxbury, which is located about 7 miles to the northeast of West Roxbury.

Street in West Roxbury neighborhood in Boston

Ranked among the safest communities in Boston, West Roxbury has a low crime rate which is 63% less than the national average. This makes it easy for people moving to the area to choose between the many beautiful homes for sale in West Roxbury.

There are some great activities in West Roxbury at places like Millennium Park as well as convenient shopping at the local Washington Park Mall. You’ll never go hungry living in West Roxbury with delicious restaurants like West On Centre and Rox Diner.

  • Neighborhood Population: 30,442
  • Neighborhood Zip Codes: 02026, 02130, 02131, 02132, 02136, 02467
  • Neighborhood Median Household Income: $90,484
  • Neighborhood Average Home Price: $795,000

Map of Richest Neighborhoods in Boston

Which of These Wealthy Boston Neighborhoods is Right for You?

Now that you know where to find the richest neighborhoods in Boston, the next step is to determine which one best fits your wants and needs. Once you’ve found the perfect place for your lifestyle, our professional Boston movers are here to help with your relocation.

Get in touch with Mass Bay Movers today by calling (978) 587-3775 or complete the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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