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Moving to Wenham Guide | What It's Like Living in Wenham

Moving to Wenham MA Guide 🏡 | What It’s Like Living in Wenham

Last Updated on: 26th March 2024, 06:23 pm

Before moving to Wenham, you should know it’s a great place to live! The homes are historic and beautifully built, the city is located in a low-crime area, and there are plenty of attractions and things to do. Above all, the town of Wenham, MA, has a strong economy, and Boston’s vast job market is only 25 miles south!

Wenham is now one of the many wonderful Essex County towns, but its history is intriguing. Wenham was settled in 1635 and officially incorporated in 1643. However, it was first home to Native Americans for thousands of years before the English settlers claimed it. Its original inhabitants (Agawam and Eastern Algonquian people) faced reduced numbers after a smallpox outbreak.

Wenham is known for its unique historic character, tranquil rural scenery, and real estate. You’ll experience an insider’s look at what living in Wenham is like below!

Where Is Wenham MA?

Wenham is located in Essex County, north of Boston and south of Hamilton. Wenham, Mass, has rolling hills, plenty of pastures, and lots of acres! Its population density is 610 per square mile. The town is part of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area and is located near a handful of notable cities.

It’s 25 miles from Wenham to Boston; Beverly, Danvers, and Topsfield border Wenham—-these are all great nearby cities to call home also.

Wenham provides ideal public transportation for commuters working in Boston or other nearby cities. Mass Bay Transportation Authority provides bus and train transportation to people living in Wenham. Bus route 451 services Wenham, and trains 153, 156, and 167 run through Wenham. Local bus fare costs $1.70 per trip, and it will cost you anywhere between $2.40 and $13.25 to ride the commuter rail to and from Wenham, Mass.

Wenham MA Population & Demographics

Wenham has a population of 4,979 with a young median age of 25.3 years old. The sex ratio is 52 females to 48 males, and the median household income is $181,982.

Additional Wenham demographics:

  • Number of households: 1,325
  • Marital status: 43% are married vs. 57% unmarried
  • Educational attainment: 99.2% have high school diplomas, and 71.3% have bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 3.9%
  • Veteran status: 2%

Wenhan is home to many young adults and families. 24% of people living in Wenhan are between the ages of 10 and 19, and 19% are in their twenties. Only 18% of Wenham, Massachusetts residents are over the age of 60 years old. The town of Wenham is highly educated, with nearly 75% of residents boasting a bachelor’s degree or higher!

Wenham racial and ethnic makeup:

  • White: 90%
  • Black or African American: 2%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 4%
  • Two or more races: 1%

Notable people from Wenham:

Is Wenham Safe?

The FBI does not provide crime rate statistics for Wenham, so we will use nearby Beverly, MA, as a reference. Beverly is 4 miles from Wenham but has a significantly higher population; typically, larger cities and towns have a higher crime rate than smaller ones.

According to the FBI, Beverly has a crime rate of 528 per 100k people, which is 61.2% lower than the than state and 77.5% lower than the country.

  • Massachusetts crime rate per 100k people: 1,362
  • US crime rate per 100k people: 2,346

Beverly’s violent crime rate is 54.0% lower than the state and 63.4% lower than the country.

  • Beverly’s violent crime rate per 100k people: 142
  • Massachusetts violent crime rate per 100k people: 309
  • US violent crime rate per 100k people: 388

Beverly experiences 63.3% less property crime than its state and 80.3% less than the country!

  • Beverly property crime rate per 100k people: 386
  • Massachusetts property crime rate per 100k people: 1,053
  • US property crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

Considering Beverly, Massachusetts, is less than five miles from Wenham, it’s safe to say Wenham is located in a safe area with very little crime. 

If you ever do need a helping hand or legal intervention, the Wenham Police Department is just a phone call away!

Cost of Living in Wenham

Wenham has a Cost of Living Index (COLI) of 131.5, which is 31.5% more expensive than the average US city.

When living in Wenhan, you’ll want to know what expenditures will cost you. Typical Wenham living expenses:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: $25.00
  • Gallon of milk: $4.82
  • Loaf of white bread: $4.04
  • Pound of white rice: $2.60
  • Dozen eggs: $4.94
  • Pound of local cheese: $8.99
  • Average Wenham utilities per month: $357 (per Doxo)

Source: Numbeo

*The above figures are for Boston; you can expect prices to differ when living in Wenham.

According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), a family of four can live comfortably in Essex County with a household income of $131,935. The EPI expects a family of four to spend $22,608 on housing annually and $13,524 on food.

Wenham MA Real Estate

Housing is the most significant cost when living in Wenham; the median sale price of Wenham homes is 1.26 million, and the median price per square foot is $412. Homes for sale in Wenham, MA, typically sell within 16.5 days.

The median rent in Wenham, MA, is $4,500; this figure is 125% higher than the national median. Homes are rarely for rent in Wenham, and there are only no apartment complexes in the town limits.

Wenham Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Wenham

Before moving to Wenham, you’ll have to find a new neighborhood to call home! Wenham is home to many safe, luxurious, and inclusive neighborhoods; below, you’ll find our favorites!

Exclusive Wenham Neighborhood Near Cherry Street

You’ll find the many luxurious, multi-million dollar homes in Wenham off Cherry Street and Massachusetts Route 97. This area boasts beautiful structures with large lots; the properties are seldom for sale, but it’s an area worth keeping an eye on.

Recent listed homes ranged between four to six bedrooms and three to five baths; you can expect between one to three acres of land when buying in this area of Wenham.

Winfrey’s Fudge & Chocolates and Mass Audubon Cedar Pond Wildlife Sanctuary are Notable conveniences near this Wenham neighborhood.

Downtown Wenham – Historic Wenham Neighborhood

Wenham is a historic town boasting many historic homes and neighborhoods. Main Street in Wenham (or Downtown Wenham) has beautiful Victorian-style homes and various shops and dining options. Homes aren’t for sale often here, but when they are listed, you can expect prices over 1 million. This is an exclusive Wenham neighborhood many would live in and call home!

Wenham Weather & Climate

Wenham has a Koppen climate classification of humid continental climate, meaning the summers are warm and humid, and the winters are cold and snowy. The Weather in Wenham, MA, is most enjoyable during the summer months, as the winters in Wenham, Massachusetts, are frigid. The average annual snowfall in Wenham is 43.6 inches! January is the coldest month, with an average night-time temperature of 18.1 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 128.6 freezing nights in Wenham per year, and typically, two days below freezing. May is the rainiest month, with an average of 11 rain days.

You’ll experience the warmest days in July, with an average temperature of 80 degrees; the best time to visit Wenham is from late June to mid-September. The temperatures are warm, and while humid, the rain isn’t frequent. These months are ideal for exploring your new city and enjoying its warm-weather activities.

Things to Do in Wenham MA

People living in Wenham shop at The Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing and 300 Main St. As for what fun activities they partake in—you’ll find those below. There are many things to do in Wenham, MA, but here are the top three.

Wenham Museum

Wenham Museum is the town’s most notable attraction and likely one of the best things to do in Wenham! You will find a large model train, an expansive kids’ room, and interesting artifacts and historical tidbits covering Wenham’s unique past.

132 Main St, Wenham, MA 01984, (978) 468-2377

J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve

J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve is an expansive park with parts of Wenham and Beverly, MA. There are various nature trails, picnic areas, and open fields to explore. This is a great, family-friendly activity and is most enjoyable in the warmer months.

Wenham, MA 01984, (978) 468-2178

Wenham Country Club

If you’re unsure where to golf in Wenham, Wenham Country Club is the place to be. While it’s closed during the cold, snowy months, the country club is a major draw and is beloved by many Wenham, Mass, residents. Wenham Country Club is one of the best things to do in Wenham, MA.  

94 Main St, Wenham, MA 01984, (978) 468-4714

Additional Attraction Near Wenham

Wenham, Massachusetts, has over 300 acres of parks, recreational areas, and playgrounds; the Hamilton Wenham Recreational Department maintains all Wenham public land. Keep track of key events and community gatherings with the town’s special events calendar!

Wenham MA Restaurants

While Wenham isn’t known for a specific type of food, you will find many delicious Wenham restaurants to choose from in and near the town! Whether you’re craving seafood or Mexican cuisine, you’ll find it at one of these notable restaurants near Wenham, MA.

15 Walnut Road

15 Walnut is an eclectic Wenham restaurant known for having a vast menu and delicious dishes. Popular menu items are sushi, burgers, and signature cocktails. 

15 Walnut Rd, South Hamilton, MA 01982, (978) 468-2400


POST is a popular bar and grill located steps outside of Wenham. They offer updated American dishes, desserts, and brews that people living in Wenham adore. Customers rave about their service, atmosphere, and steaks! This is one of the tastiest restaurants near Wenham, MA! 

16 Bay Rd, South Hamilton, MA 01982, (978) 468-1166

Weathervane Tavern

Weathervane Tavern is one of the best Wenham, MA, restaurants! It’s praised for its optimal location off of the main street, great atmosphere, and tasty bites. Notable menu items are the clam chowder and haddock!

85 Railroad Ave, South Hamilton, MA 01982, (978) 468-2600

Wenham MA Jobs

Wenham has a prosperous economy and an unemployment rate that’s 2.4% below the US average. Wenham, MA, jobs are abundant, with nearly 40 job openings in the town limits and over 90,000 within 35 miles of Wenham, MA.

You’ll likely find many jobs in Essex County’s leading industries (trade, transportation & utilities, health care & social assistance, and professional & business services. However, Wenham has anything from account management jobs to sales positions. Major employers in Wenham are Gordon Food Services, EF Education First, and Mullen Lowe. Hamilton Wenham Public Schools (employment), is also a great place to job hunt, and the town of Wenham jobs offer competitive pay and great benefits.

After moving to Wenham, you’ll surely like what you’re earning. The average hourly rate in Wenham is $17.85, and the average salary is $66,000. Working and living in Wenham is great! The town’s economy is strong, and you’re near Boston, which is among the 30 most economically powerful cities in the world!

Wenham Schools

The Wenham Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District serves K-12 Wenham residents. The district has five schools and 1,684 students; the student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1 (12:1 is the state average.)

96.2% of teachers in the district are certified, and 93.6% have three or more years of teaching experience. 97.8% of high schoolers attending Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School graduate; the district has scored a college-readiness score of 44.8 by U.S. News. U.S. News has ranked Hamilton Wenham Regional High School #1,302 in the nation and granted it a score of 92.64/100. The student-to-teacher ratio at Hamilton Wenham High School is 10:1, which is well below the state and US average and ranked the 41st best high school in the  Boston, MA, Metro Area.

Overall, the Hamilton Wenham school district is great for raising your children. While there are a handful of private schools in Wenham, MA (like The Academy Penguin Hall), the Hamilton Wenham public schools are a great option.

The Hamilton Wenham Library provides additional educational resources to people living in Wenham. You will find group reading sessions, teen writing events, and craft nights on their library events calendar. Anyone who obtains a Hamilton Wenham Public Library card is granted a free Museum access pass for various museums in the Boston metro area, including the Boston Children’s Museum, The House of Seven Gables, and Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Gordon College and Boston University are within 30 miles of Wenham, and the prestigious Harvard University is 28 miles from Wenham, Massachusetts.

Wenham Statistics & Information

  • Wenham, MA county: Essex
  • Wenham, MA area: 8.1 square miles
  • Wenham, MA zip code: 01984
  • Wenham, MA area code: 351 / 978
  • Wenham, MA elevation: 105 feet
  • Wenham, MA time zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to Wenham, MA: Boston Logan International Airport is 23.1 miles from Wenham

Wenham MA Map

Explore more of this lovely town with this map of Wenham, MA!

For your moving to Wenham relocation needs, call Mass Bay Movers at 978-587-3775; we have trusted Wenham movers to help you!


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