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Is Moving to Andover MA Right for You 🌳 Ultimate Guide to Living in Andover Massachusetts

Is Moving to Andover MA Right for You? 🌳 | Ultimate Guide to Living in Andover Massachusetts

Last Updated on: 25th March 2024, 05:44 am

Get over to Andover! The Massachusett, Naumkeag, and Pennacook people inhabited the area of Andover for thousands of years before English colonists arrived in 1642. The settlement was incorporated as a town in 1646 and named after the town of Andover in England. Andover Massachusetts was a small, agricultural community until the 1900s, when developers built mills along the rivers near Andover. The community became a center for wool production and textiles, and people began moving in.

Andover is well known for being the home of Phillips Academy. Its motto is “Home of America,” as the town has ties to many important historical events in the United States, including the Salem witch trials and the American Revolution. Is Andover MA good place to live? Yes, it’s a nice community to live in, with fantastic schools, delicious and affordable restaurants, and comfortable single-family homes.

Living in Andover MA is perfect for single professionals, families, and retirees. But before you start moving to Andover MA, you should learn a little more about this quaint, beautiful town. Here’s your guide to Andover Massachusetts.

Where Is Andover?

What county is Andover MA in? Andover is in Essex County, as well as the Greater Boston area and the metro Boston area. Where is Andover MA? Andover, Massachusetts borders Methuen, Lawrence, Dracut MA, Tewksbury MA, Wilmington MA, Middleton MA, and North Andover. Andover has paved roads and a few commercial districts, but it also contains large green areas and undeveloped plots. Even paved streets have plenty of trees, giving the community shade and a rural aesthetic. The community borders the Merrimack River and contains a few small ponds.

It is 24 miles from Andover to Boston. Andover Massachusetts has two stops on the MBTA Commuter Rail’s Haverhill Line, Andover and Ballardvale, providing access to North Station in Boston. The town does not have direct access to MBTA’s light rail lines or the bus system. Interstates 93 and 495 intersect in the community; Interstate 93 runs north and south, while Interstate 495 runs west and east.

Andover Population and Demographics

The Andover population in 2020 was 36,569; the population rose by 10.1% between 2010 and 2020. Over 3,800 people moved into Andover, MA between 2019 and 2020, including over 1,000 people from outside Massachusetts, making the community one of the most popular places for out-of-state residents to move into. The Andover population density is 1,186.7 people per square mile, which is up by 100 people per square mile in 2010.

Notable people from Andover MA include Jay Leno, Bill Buckner, and Harriet Beecher Stowe. Important Andover MA demographics include:

  • 51.6% female, 48.4% male
  • Median age: 42.7
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 75.7% White (71.0% non-Hispanic), 16.1% Asian, 8.0% Hispanic or Latino, 4.9% two or more races, 1.9% Black or African American, 0.2% American Indian and Alaska Native
  • Median household income: $155,252 (nearly two times higher than the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 97.3% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 75.2% have a bachelor’s degree
  • Foreign-born population: 17%

Andover is a very safe community to live in. Here are the latest crime statistics:

  • Total crime rate: 535 offenses per 100,000 people (60.7% lower than the state average, 77.2% lower than the national average)
  • Violent crime rate: 19 crimes per 100,000 people (93.9% lower than the state average, 95.1% lower than the national average)
  • Property crime rate: 516 crimes per 100,000 residents (51% lower than the state average, 73.6% lower than the national average)

Moneygeek ranks Andover, MA as the third-safest small town in America and the safest small town in Massachusetts. The Andover Police Department employs 53 full-time and sworn officers.

Andover MA Cost of Living

Andover cost of living statistics can be a little difficult to find, so you can use statistics for the Boston metro area and Essex County to estimate the cost of living in Andover MA. The Boston cost of living index is 153.2; common items like groceries in the Boston area cost 53.2% higher than the national average. This seems high, but statistics for Essex County are lower. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need $115,870 to cover the cost of living in Essex County. This is $15,000 less than the Boston metro average, suggesting that Andover MA and other cities in Essex County are affordable places to live in the Boston area.

Andover MA real estate is fairly affordable. According to Redfin, the median sale price of homes for sale Andover MA is $785,500, with a median price per square foot of $351. According to RentCafe, the average cost of Andover apartments is $2,639 a month.

Typical Andover Living Expenses

  • 1 pint of domestic beer: $6.00
  • 1 loaf of fresh white bread: $2.66
  • 1 pound of chicken fillets: $4.63
  • 1 pound of tomatoes: $3.13
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $3.63
  • Average Andover utilities per month: $130.00
  • 1 pair of jeans: $52.50

Source: Numbeo

Andover Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Andover Massachusetts

Andover has a few neighborhoods and historic villages, each with its own options for Andover real estate. Here are some of the best places to live in Andover MA.

Ballardvale | Riverside Andover Neighborhood With Historic Andover MA Homes for Sale

Ballardvale is a local historic district and village inside Andover. The community is located along the Shawsheen River and has a number of historic mills, providing a quaint and traditional aesthetic to Ballardvale that contrasts with the more modern and commercial homes in Downtown Andover. The Shawsheen River is open to the public for nature walks and paddling, so Ballardvale is a suitable community for athletes and nature enthusiasts. Ballardvale has a few Andover MA homes for sale, and they are very spacious, covering over 2,000 square feet and containing six or more bedrooms. You can find historic properties built in the 19th century with renovated and modern features, giving you a comfortable home with a classic architectural style.

Shawsheen Village Historic District | Conveniently Located Historic District With Condos for Sale Andover MA

Shawsheen Village is another historic district and village. Shawsheen was designed in the early 1900s, so homes and apartment buildings have features from that perio, like brick exteriors and grand entrances. Shawsheen borders Interstate 495 and Downtown Andover MA, so it’s a good community for people who need to shop regularly or commute to work. You can find affordable apartments and condos in Shawsheen Village, though not many homes for sale in Andover MA. Two-bedroom condos covering 900 square feet are available for less than $400,000. Many units are pet-friendly, fully stocked with appliances, and located near important public services.

Andover Weather and Climate

Andover Massachusetts has a humid continental climate with warm summers and harsh and freezing winters. July is the hottest month of the year, with an average temperature of 73 degrees and an average high of 83 degrees. January is the coldest month for Andover weather, with an average temperature of 27 degrees and an average low of 20. Average lows are below freezing throughout the winter, while average highs stay in the high 70s or 80s throughout the summer.

Andover MA weather is consistently overcast and rainy. Almost half of the days throughout the year are overcast or mostly cloudy. Most months have at least three inches of rain, with the community receiving an average of 37.2 inches of rain every year. Andover MA also receives 39 inches of snow every year. The town can experience severe snowstorms, so follow the Andover weather forecast in the winter and stock up on food and medical supplies.

September is the best time for moving to Andover MA, and enjoying weather Andover MA. 62% of days in September are clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy, and the average temperature is 63 degrees. You’ll stay comfortable in a windbreaker, and you won’t need to bring an umbrella or rainwear.

Things to Do in Andover MA

Ask a resident what to do in Andover MA, and you’ll get many different answers because Andover Massachusetts is full of unique and cool attractions and outside points of interest. You can also find many locally run stores, including Andover Bookstore and Chic Consignment. You can go grocery shopping at a Stop and Shop and a Whole Foods Market.

YMCA Andover

The Andover YMCA is a top family-friendly community center with a swimming pool, a gym, and workout rooms. You can take affordable exercise classes, including kid-friendly courses and courses for seniors, and you can send your children to daycare.

165 Haverhill Street, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-685-3541

Indian Ridge Country Club

Indian Ridge is home to an 18-hole golf course as well as a swimming pool, five tennis courts, and a dining room. The club is one of the best wedding venues in Andover, and you can host other events, including corporate golf outings.

73 Lovejoy Road, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-475-9484

Andover Country Club

Andover Country Club has an 18-hole championship golf course with incredible views and manicured grounds. Andover Country Club is one of the most exclusive outdoor clubs in the area, with members-only restaurants and perks, like access to private adult parties.

60 Canterbury Street #2825, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-475-1263

Other Things to Do in Andover

Andover Recreation manages public spaces in Andover and plans fun things to do in Andover MA, including sports tournaments and adult enrichment classes. You can use the Andover Recreation events calendar to find out when the next events will be.

Restaurants in Andover MA

Massachusetts is well known for its seafood, and you can find a lot of fish in Andover MA restaurants. But you can also find romantic experiences and international cuisines in the best restaurants in Andover MA, including affordable meals.


La Rosa’s Andover is a classy Italian restaurant and cafe. You can order takeout and quick meals like sandwiches and salads from the cafe and enjoy sit-down meals at the restaurant for dates and at night with friends. The restaurant serves dozens of Italian red and white wines.

7 Barnard Street, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-475-1777

Andover Deli

Andover Deli is one of the best places for Andover pizza and quick and affordable meals. You can order sandwiches, dinners, and pizzas for less than $20, including pizzas with multiple toppings.

22 Andover Street, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-470-1492

Chateau Andover

Chateau Andover is a family-friendly Italian restaurant well known for its toasted ravioli and combo dishes that combine chicken parmesan, meatballs, and other Italian classics. The restaurant offers unique early dinner specials; you can go to the restaurant for dinner at 3:00 p.m. and receive classic dishes for less than $15.

131 River Road, Andover, MA, 01810, 978-687-2442

Jobs in Andover

Over two-thirds of Andover residents are in the labor force, with many residents having jobs in Andover. Andover MA had $343.7 million in total retail sales in 2017, with nearly $200 million in healthcare revenues. Educational services is the biggest job sector in Andover, but health care is the second biggest, with professional services being the third-biggest.

According to Payscale, the average base salary for Andover jobs is $87,000 a year, while the base hourly rate is $24.18. Major Andover companies include Raytheon, Philips North America, and Pfizer. You can find jobs in Andover using Indeed, and you can apply for Town of Andover MA jobs on the town government’s website.

Andover Schools

Andover Public Schools is the main Andover school district. The district has ten schools, including one preschool and five elementary schools in Andover MA. US News ranks High Plain Elementary in Andover in the top 50 elementary schools in the state and as the best Andover elementary school. 82% of students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, which is 29 percentage points higher than the state average.

Andover High School is the only public high school in the town, and all elementary schools in Andover feed into it. US News ranks Andover High in the top 50 high schools in Massachusetts. Andover High has unique amenities like four athletic fields, a center for the performing arts, and a skate park.

Phillips Academy (also known as Andover Academy) is one of the leading private schools in Andover MA and in the whole country. Phillips Academy offers 300 different courses, including eight world languages, and maintains an average classroom size of 12 students. Your children can participate in dozens of electives and extracurriculars, including debate and journalism.

Merrimack College is on the border between Andover and North Andover. It is a private Augustinian college with 13 academic divisions, including bachelor’s degrees and graduate programs.

Memorial Hall Library is the main Andover library. Memorial Hall has served the community since 1873, and it is a hub for special events throughout the year.

Andover Statistics

  • County: Essex
  • Andover area: 32.1 square miles
  • Andover MA zip code: 01810
  • Andover area code: 351 and 978
  • Andover elevation: 180 feet
  • Andover time zone: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to Andover: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), 26 miles from Andover

Andover Map

You can find the best attractions, restaurants, and homes for sale in Andover with this map of Andover!

It’s no wonder that thousands of people are moving to Andover MA. With great schools, convenient access to major roads and locally-run stores, and fun attractions, Andover is a perfect community for many people. But you can’t start living in Andover MA until you figure out the moving process. Mass Bay Movers has a team of over 50 Andover movers who perform 2,000 relocations every year. Get a free moving estimate from experienced moving professionals by calling 978-587-3775.


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