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living in Manchester by the sea

Is Manchester By The Sea MA a Good Place to Live? [2024] | 🤩ULTIMATE Moving to Manchester By The Sea Tips

Last Updated on: 11th July 2023, 10:32 am

The incredibly safe and vibrant town of Manchester-by-the-Sea is situated on Cape Ann in Massachusetts. More simply known as Manchester, the beautiful and quaint seaside town of Manchester by the Sea is home to a very close-knit and family-friendly community that gets to take advantage of the charming downtown, numerous parks, historical sites, beach and harbor access, great restaurants, cute shops, and even weekend boating hangouts!

The lovely town of Manchester by the Sea was incorporated and primarily thrived as a fishing community until more development erupted in the mid-19th century. More recently, the Boston Magazine has named Manchester-by-the-Sea one of the top places to live in. Nowadays, the town of Manchester by the Sea is best known for being the setting of and named after the award and oscar-winning 2016 film Manchester By the Sea. Additionally, Manchester by the Sea is also recognized for its vista points, summer cottages, gorgeous seaside resorts, and incredibly scenic beaches.

Where is Manchester-by-the-Sea?

The Manchester-by-the-Sea location is situated on the southern side of Cape Ann– a rocky cape in northeastern Massachusetts. The Manchester by the Sea town is a suburb of Boston in Essex County. With the city of Gloucester to the east and Beverly to the west, Manchester-by-the-Sea encompasses Days Creek, Proctor Cove, Manchester Bay, and several other bodies of water linking to the Pacific.

The distance from Manchester-by-the-Sea to downtown Boston is 30 miles southwest. Although there is no bus service directly into the town, Manchester-by-the-Sea is served by a stop along the Newburyport/Rockport Line of the MBTA Commuter Rail.

Manchester-by-the-Sea Population & Demographics

According to the U.S. Census, the town of Manchester by the Sea has a population of 5,395 which has increased by over 5% in the last decade. The median household income in Manchester by the Sea is $178,250 which certainly exceeds the state median of $84,385. Residents in Manchester by the Sea have a median age of 48.1 whereas 100% of them have attained a high school diploma or higher and 74.4% have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Not only has Manchester, MA been the filming location of numerous films and TV shows, but it is also called home by several notable people such as comedian and Oscar winner, Nat Faxon, and TV producer, Josh Gates.

5.8% of residents in Manchester by the Sea are foreign-born. Likewise, the racial demographics in Manchester by the Sea are mildly diverse with whites making up 94.6% of the population, Hispanics at 1.8%, and Asians at .4%. Regarding gender makeup, 51.6% of the Manchester by the Sea population is female which leaves 48.4% male.

While living in Manchester, MA, you’ll have a 1 in 209 chance of being a victim of crime according to the FBI. That’s certainly better than the U.S average of 1 in 40! The crime rate in Manchester by the Sea is 479 per 100,000 whereas the national rate is 2,477. Considering this, it’s safe to say that the town of Manchester by the Sea is an extremely safe place to live and raise a family. Nonetheless, in the case of emergency, you’ll have all 29 sworn personnel of the Manchester-by-the-Sea Police Department to watch your back.

Cost of Living in Manchester-by-the-Sea

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Essex County should be making around $115,870 to live comfortably. Is living in Manchester-by-the-Sea affordable? Well, the cost of living in Manchester by the Sea is over 80% above the U.S. average, making it a high-cost place to live. The Manchester-by-the-Sea income tax rate sits at 5.1% whereas the sales tax rate in Manchester by the Sea sits at 6.3%– that’s 1% below the national average. According to Redfin, the Manchester-by-the-Sea median home price is a staggering $1,200,000. If you’re on the hunt for Manchester, MA homes for sale you should be aware of the high Manchester by the Sea real estate prices beforehand. The average monthly rent in Manchester-by-the-Sea is around $2,300.

Manchester by the Sea Typical Living Expenses

Curious about Manchester by the Sea living expenses? Below is a list of Numbeo’s everyday expenses in the neighboring city of Gloucester, MA. Considering this, the prices below may slightly differ from the prices in Manchester, MA.

  • Manchester by the Sea average utilities per month: $113.75:
  • Gas: $3.61
  • Internet: $53.33
  • Gallon of milk: $2.68
  • Carton of eggs: $1.33

Manchester-by-the-Sea Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Manchester, MA

Manchester, MA is somewhat of a neighborhood in and of itself. The most affordable areas tend to be in the northwestern regions whereas the most desirable areas in Manchester by the Sea are often toward the east. The Eastern side of Manchester, MA is home to the Essex County Club as well as an array of parks and reservations. All areas in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts contribute toward it being a classic New England coastal town, a fishing village, and a summer destination for many visitors– including the rich and famous. No matter where you choose to settle in the spectacular little yet thriving town, you won’t be disappointed.

Manchester-by-the-Sea Weather & Climate

With a humid continental climate, Manchester by the Sea experiences cold and snowy winters with lows of 18°F and warm summers with highs of 80°F. This pleasant Manchester-by-the-Sea weather is perfect for going swimming in the town’s lovely beaches! You’ll want to own a snow shovel for the 44 inches of snowfall in Manchester, MA, and you’ll need an umbrella during the 49 inches of annual rain. With summer being the most comfortable season, the best months to visit Manchester by the Sea are in June, July, and August.

Things to Do in Manchester by the Sea, MA

There are a handful of fun and interesting Manchester by the Sea things to do, places to visit, and some of the best beaches in the Massascuttes. If you’re in the mood for spending some birthday cash, Harbor’s Point is your go-to place for a shopping mall in Manchester by the Sea. Here are some more things to do in Manchester, MA!

Singing Beach

If you’re looking to take the family to a great Manchester by the Sea beach, Singing Beach features a summertime bathhouse with a snack bar & sand that squeaks when walked upon.

119 Beach St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, (978) 526 2019

Masconomo Park

This family-friendly waterfront park in Manchester by the Sea is the perfect place to go and enjoy outdoor activities with the kids!

60 Beach St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, (978) 526 2000

Additional Attractions in Manchester, MA

Manchester by the Sea is served by the Manchester Parks and Recreation system. Tune into The Manchester Cricket for town news, and here for events.

Manchester by the Sea Restaurants

Manchester by the Sea is home to numerous great restaurants, a few cafes, and even a wedding bakery! See some of the best restaurants in Manchester by the Sea below!

Cala’s Restaurant. Tasty New England Restaurant with a full bar, build-your-own pizzas, and New American fare. Cala’s Restaurant, 7 Beach St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, (978) 525 3304

Bravo by the Sea-Manchester & Gloucester. Pizza restaurant with delicious pizzas and a great atmosphere. Bravo by the Sea-Manchester & Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, (978) 704 9388

Antique Table Restaurant. Cozy restaurant with traditional Italian-style food that’s great for couples! Antique Table Restaurant, 7 Central St, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944, (978) 704 9833

Jobs in Manchester-by-the-Sea

For those seeking employment, you can try searching online for jobs in and around Manchester by the Sea. The job market in Manchester, MA has increased by 4% in the last year. According to Payscale, Manchester-by-the-Sea has an average base salary of $52,000 and an average hourly rate of $25.00. Some of the top job fields in Manchester by the Sea include financial activities and healthcare assistance whereas a few of the top employers include FTP Software, Exinda, and Abiomed.

Manchester by the Sea Schools

The town of Manchester by the Sea is served by the Manchester Essex Regional School District. The district has four schools and has a 9.7:1 student-teacher ratio. The Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School is ranked among the Top 25 high schools in Massachusetts according to U.S. News & World.

The Manchester Library is your go-to place when you’re in need of quiet reading or studying time.

Manchester by the Sea Statistics & Information

Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA of Essex County has a land area of 18.3 square miles and a population density of 300 people per mile. The town of Manchester by the Sea has a 30-foot elevation whereas the Manchester by the Sea zip code is 01944. With the area codes 351/ 978, Manchester by the Sea is within the Eastern Time Zone. The distance from Manchester by the Sea to the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is 30 miles southwest.

Manchester by the Sea Map

Check out even more things to do in Manchester by the Sea with this map below!

Pros & Cons of Living in Manchester-by-the-Sea

  • Pro: Sleep sound knowing there is a considerably low amount of crime.
  • Pro: Enjoy some of the best beaches in the state!
  • Con: The cost of living here is noticeably high.

Thinking about moving to Manchester by the Sea? Reach out to Mass Bay Movers at 978-587-3775 for top-rated Manchester by the Sea moving services!


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