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Moving to Lexington Ultimate Guide to Living in Lexington MA

Moving to Lexington? 🏘 | Ultimate Guide to Living in Lexington MA

Last Updated on: 5th September 2023, 03:02 am

You’ll love living in Lexington! Indigenous Americans inhabited the area of Lexington MA for thousands of years until the English arrived in 1642. Lexington was a small farming town when the Battles of Lexington and Concord occurred, and it remained a farming community for centuries afterward. The Lexington nickname is “Birthplace of American Liberty,” and its motto is “What a Glorious Morning for America!”

The name Lexington probably comes from Laxton, a town in England. Lexington is internationally known for the Battles of Lexington and Concord. But is Lexington a nice place to live? Yes, it’s a great place to live with luxurious homes for sale, entertaining things to do, and prosperous job opportunities. Yet you shouldn’t start moving to Lexington until you figure out what the town is like. Here’s what you need to know about Lexington Massachusetts.

Where Is Lexington?

What county is Lexington in? Lexington is in Middlesex County, part of the Boston metropolitan area. It is 13 miles from Lexington MA to Boston MA. Lexington borders Lincoln, Waltham, Bedford, Burlington, and Woburn. Most of Lexington is a well-developed small suburban town, but you can find several farms and large green areas that add a rural aesthetic to the community.

MBTA bus routes 62 and 76 provide service to and from Lexington Massachusetts. Both routes connect to Alewife Station, a transportation hub with trains and buses with service to Boston, which can help with moving to Lexington.

Lexington Population and Lexington Demographics

The population of Lexington was 34,456 in 2020; the population increased by 9.7% between 2010 and 2020, and the density was 2,096.5 people per square mile. Notable people from the town include Noam Chomsky, Rachel Dratch, and Pete Holmes.

Lexington MA demographics include:

  • 51.3% female, 48.7% male
  • Median age: 46.6
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 60.8% White alone, 31.8% Asian alone, 4.8% two or more races, 2.2% Hispanic or Latino, 1.2% Black or African American alone
  • Median household income: $202,852 (twice the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 98.1% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 85.0% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 31.7%

Lexington has one of the largest Asian communities of any town in Massachusetts, with the Asian population nearly doubling between 2010 and 2020. Lexington is a very safe community to live in. Here are the 2020 crime statistics from the FBI:

  • Overall crime rate: 380 offenses per 100,000 residents (72.1% lower than the state, 83.8% lower than the country)
  • Violent crime rate: 36 crimes per 100,000 residents (88.3% lower than the state, 90.7% lower than the country)
  • Property crime rate: 344 offenses per 100,000 people (67.3% lower than the state, 82.4% lower than the country)

The Lexington Police Department employs 45 sworn police officers and 16 civilian employees.

Lexington MA Cost of Living

Lexington MA is in the Boston metro area, so you can use statistics for Boston to estimate the Lexington cost of living. The Boston cost of living index is 153.2, meaning that items in Lexington cost roughly 53.2% more than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four must earn $131,028 every year to cover the cost of living in Lexington MA. Lexington can be expensive, but you can find high-paying Lexington jobs.

Lexington real estate can be pricey, though you have options for cheap Lexington MA homes for sale. According to Redfin, the average sale price of homes for sale in Lexington MA is $1,680,100. According to RentCafe, the average rent of Lexington apartments is $3,377.

*Typical Lexington Living Expenses

  • 1 pound of white rice: $2.34
  • 1 pound of tomatoes: $2.66
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $3.69
  • *Average Lexington monthly utilities: $197.42
  • 1 pair of jeans: $58.29
  • 1 monthly fee for a fitness club: $83.95

Source: Numbeo
*Statistics for Boston

Lexington Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Lexington

Lexington has several small neighborhoods you can look at when you are shopping for a Lexington MA home for sale. Here’s a few potential communities you can move into.

Lexington Center | Best Lexington neighborhood for shopping

Lexington Center (sometimes spelled Lexington Centre) is the commercial hub of Lexington. It contains the Lexington Battle Green and numerous small shops, restaurants, and public services. The neighborhood has fewer homes for sale in Lexington MA than other neighborhoods, but it’s by far the best community for shoppers. Four-bedroom houses for sale in Lexington MA covering more than 2,500 square feet are available in Lexington Center for $1.3 million.

Peacock Farm | Quaint Lexington MA neighborhood close to green spaces and highways

Peacock Farm is in southeastern Lexington close to the Concord Turnpike. The neighborhood includes Bowman Park and part of the Sutherland Woods, giving you access to playgrounds and walking trails. The neighborhood is known for its mid-century modern homes with low roofs and raised basements, which are suitable for families and couples. Peacock Farm does not currently have homes for sale in Lexington MA; four-bedroom homes covering more than 1,700 square feet have sold recently for $1.3 million.

Lexington MA Weather

Lexington has a humid continental climate with warm summers and freezing, snowy winters. July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 72 degrees and an average high of 82. January is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 27 degrees and an average low of 20.

The community experiences an average of 41.9 inches of snow and 37 inches of rain every year. Each month has at least seven days of inclement weather, with Lexington experiencing more than 100 snowy or rainy days every year. The weather remains overcast and cloudy for most of the year; September is the clearest month with 62% clear, mostly sunny, or partly cloudy days.

The best month to visit Lexington depends on what you want to do. Lexington has many public events in April to commemorate the Battles of Lexington and Concord, so April is the best month for things to do in Lexington. If your top priority is pleasant weather in Lexington MA, September is the best month, as it has mild temperatures and clear skies. You can walk around the town while wearing a light jacket and a long sleeved shirt and remain comfortable.

Things to Do in Lexington Massachusetts

Lexington is a major center for family-friendly historic landmarks, points of interest, and green spaces. One of the most fun things to do in Lexington is shopping. Wilson Farm Lexington MA offers fresh produce, cheeses, meats, and baked goods. Wagon Wheel is a farm stand and deli with locally grown produce, meat, and seafood as well as fresh sandwiches.

Lexington Battle Green

The Lexington Battle Green (also known as Lexington Common) is the site of the first battle between colonial militiamen and British soldiers. You can view historic monuments and statues in a cool, outdoor park.

1625 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, 02421, 781-274-8300

Battle Road Trail

The Battle Road Trail is a five-mile walking trail that connects historic homes, monuments, graveyards, and other sites in Minute Man National Historical Park. The trail starts at the Battle Road Trailhead in Lexington and runs through Concord and Lincoln. It also contains beautiful views of woods, ponds, and farmland, and it is open to the public for free.

Off Wood Street, Lexington, MA, 02421

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park has three multi-purpose and dog-friendly fields for soccer, football, and other sports. You and your kids can enjoy a shaded picnic area, walk down trails, and play on a playground.

100 Lincoln Street, Lexington, MA 02421 781-862-0500

Additional things to do in Lexington MA

The Recreation and Community Programs department of the Town of Lexington MA runs kid-friendly educational programs and outdoor events throughout the year. You can use this page to see when programs and special events are scheduled.

Lexington Restaurants

The Boston area may be best known for seafood and roast beef sandwiches. But Lexington MA restaurants cover a wide range of cuisines, including perfect restaurants in Lexington MA for couples and families.

Royal India Bistro

Royal India Bistro is one of the most popular restaurants in Lexington MA, specializing in tandoori grilled meats. The bistro has extensive vegetarian and luncheon menus, making it a good place to bring clients and guests.

7 Meriam Street, Lexington, MA, 02420, 781-861-7350

Mario’s Italian Restaurant

Mario’s is an old-fashioned and quaint Italian restaurant in Lexington Center, serving classics like lasagna, chicken parmesan, and pizza. Prices are very affordable, with large pizzas costing less than $15, helping you save money on large family meals.

1733 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA, 02420, 781-861-1182

Beijing Chinese Restaurant

Beijing Chinese Restaurant is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that serves popular dishes like General Tso’s chicken and beef with broccoli. The atmosphere is casual and light, making it good for dates and romantic nights out.

1709 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, MA 02420, 781-862-2100

Jobs in Lexington

More than 16,000 people have jobs in Lexington MA. 24% of residents work in professional, scientific, and technical services. Healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, and educational services are also popular job sectors.

According to Payscale, the average salary for Lexington MA jobs is $100,000 a year, and the average hourly rate is $25.85 an hour. Major employers in Lexington include Takeda, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and BAE Systems. You can use Indeed to find jobs in Lexington, and you can find the Town of Lexington jobs on the town government’s website.

Lexington Schools

Lexington Public Schools is the main Lexington school district. US News and World Report considers Lexington High School to be the fourth-best high school in Massachusetts. 98% of students test at or above the proficiency level in science. The school has a graduation rate of 99% and has award-winning speech and debate, mathematics, and science teams.

Notable private schools in Lexington include Lexington Christian Academy. It is a Christian day and boarding school for students between sixth and 12th grade. The school maintains an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, giving your child individualized support.

Lexington is near many colleges and universities, including Bentley University, Brandeis University, and Middlesex Community College. Cary Memorial Library is the main public library in Lexington. The library is home to numerous special events and programs throughout the year, including book clubs for teenagers.

Lexington Statistics and Information

  • County: Middlesex
  • Lexington MA area: 16.5 square miles
  • Lexington zip codes: 02420 and 02421
  • Lexington area codes: 339 and 781
  • Lexington elevation: 210 feet
  • Lexington time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Closest airport to Lexington: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), 17 miles from Lexington

Lexington MA Map

You can find fun things to do in Lexington, beautiful homes for sale, and delicious restaurants in Lexington MA with this map.

Living in Lexington can help you find a luxurious home, enjoy affordable and scrumptious restaurants, and visit exciting attractions. But before you start your new life in Lexington, Massachusetts, you must figure out moving to Lexington. Mass Bay Movers employs more than 50 Lexington movers who perform more than 2,000 relocations every year. Get a free moving quote by calling 978-587-3775.


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