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living in norfolk

Thinking of Moving to Norfolk MA? | 🗺️ [2024] ULTIMATE Living in Norfolk Guide

Last Updated on: 1st March 2022, 11:09 pm

Situated in eastern Massachusetts on an upper valley along the Charles River lives the beautiful small town of Norfolk. As a suburb of and located on the periphery of metropolitan Boston, Norfolk of Norfolk County is ranked among the top safest towns in the state which makes for an excellent environment to raise children. This rural suburban town is known to be home to extremely nice and welcoming people that make up the overall peaceful community. Along with top-rated public schools, a dependable police and fire department, and plenty of sports options, Norfolk is home to outstanding local parks, restaurants, and pubs. Norfolk was formerly referred to as “North Wrentham” and didn’t become an independent town until 1870. It wasn’t until 1925 that Norfolk’s population soared subsequent to several manufacturing companies and other major developments being built. Today, Norfolk’s residents are subject to bragging rights for living in the filming location of Ted 2– a comedy film starring the famous American actor, Mark Wahlberg. The beautiful little town of Norfolk gives off a laid-back and inviting atmosphere all within a 40-minute drive to the big city of Boston.

Norfolk, MA Population & Demographics

As a part of the Massachusetts Senate’s Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex district, the town of Norfolk has a population of 11,662 according to the United States Census Bureau, and a 3.9% population increase in the last year. The median age in Norfolk is 41.8 whereas the median household income sits at $151,279– nearly double the state median of $81,215. There is a 4.3% job market increase in Norfolk which should help aid the 4.8% unemployed.

The racial demographics in Norfolk are mildly diverse being that Caucasians make up 83.2% of the town’s population followed by Hispanics and Latios at 7.6%, African Americans at 7.4%, and Asians at 1.2%. The male population in Norfolk is 60.1% which leaves a remaining 39.9% for the females.

As Background Check’s 8th safest town in Massessutes, Norfolk proves to be an extremely safe and secure place to live and settle down in. According to the FBI, Norfolk has a crime rate of just 200 per 100,000 residents– that’s nearly 87% below the state average! In the unlikely case of becoming a victim in Norfolk, you can always rely on all 21 sworn officers of the incredibly responsive Norfolk Police Department.

Cost of Living in Norfolk, MA

Despite the cost of living being somewhat above the US average, Northfolk’s secure, friendly, and picturesque community is worth every penny. The sales tax rate in Norfolk sits at 6.25%– this beats the US average of 7.3%. Likewise, Norfolk’s income tax rate is 5.1%. According to Redfin, the median house market price in Norfolk is currently $676,415 which has gone up by 1.7% in recent years. If you’re looking to sign a lease, the average monthly rent in Norfolk is around $1,764 for a one-bedroom.

Norfolk, MA Everyday Expenses

Below is an idea of Numbeo’s everyday expenses in Boston– the large capital city near Norfolk. With this in mind, the following prices may differ from Norfolk’s exact prices.

  • Basic utilities- $195.70
  • Internet- $63.43
  • Gallon of milk- $3.67
  • Carton of eggs- $2.57
  • Gas- $2.86

Norfolk, MA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Norfolk

The suburban town of Norfolk consists of two distinct areas that both portray wealthy, family-friendly communities with maintained streets and well-built houses. Highland Lake on the east side of Norfolk will give you plenty of public schools and local farms like Jane & Pauls Farm Inc. On the other hand, the Norfolk town center is especially home to numerous tasty restaurants, unique shops, and even a short drive from The Adirondack Club fitness center.

For those looking for big-city employment or a more active lifestyle, the distance from Norfolk to Boston is just over 30 miles– about a 40-minute drive southwest. Wherever you decide to set up camp, Norfolk is bound to provide an extremely relaxed environment for all those who wish to relocate there. If you’re thinking about buying a house, then check out some online home listings in Norfolk, MA.

Norfolk, MA Weather & Climate

If you’re planning on moving to Norfolk, you can expect a typical continental climate of cold and snowy winters with lows of 16 degrees Fahrenheit and warm to hot summers with highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The pleasant summers in Norfolk make for the ideal weather to get out and enjoy the town’s hiking trails! You won’t run out of snowman-making opportunities with 46 inches of annual snowfall in Norfolk– and your dusty umbrellas will reclaim their purpose during the 50 inches of rainfall. On a more sunny note, you can utilize your sunglasses during Norfolk’s 201 days of sunshine. With summer as the most comfortable season, June, July, and August are the best months to visit Norfolk, MA.

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Things to Do in Norfolk, MA

The small yet mighty town of Norfolk provides residents with amenities such as parks, athletic fields, restaurants, and stores. Although there are no shopping centers within the town’s borders, there are plenty nearby within a 15-minute drive from Norfolk’s center. Below are some of the top fun things to do in Norfolk, MA!

Fore Kicks Sports Complex and Golf Course

For those of you sporty people, this 85,000 indoor sports complex is a great place to take the family to in Norfolk! Here, you can utilize the fitness center, basketball courts, indoor driving range, sports fields, and even a 9 hole indoor golf course!

10 Pine St, Norfolk, MA 02056, +1 508-384-4433

Mass Audubon’s Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled across 104 acres of captivating fields, placid forests, and lively wetlands is this excellent wildlife sanctuary in Norfolk. Whether you wish to take a stroll along the vast and nature-encompassed boardwalk or learn about the different breeds of winter birds, the Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to spend the day!

108 North St, Norfolk, MA 02056, +1 508-528-3140

Additional Attractions in Norfolk, MA:

All sports organizations, parks, and playgrounds in town are maintained by Norfolk’s Recreation Department. If you’d like to tune into Norfolk’s town events, you can check that out here!

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Norfolk, MA Restaurants

Eagle Brook Saloon

This tasty tavern in Norfolk serves everything from American food to house-brewed beer, and even has a theme that’ll give you a taste of the Old West! From their delicious Wild Bill Buffalo Wings to their mouth-watering Chicken Sriracha Pizza, this place is sure to keep you coming back!

258 Dedham St, Norfolk, MA 02056, +1 508-384-7312

Horse N’ Carriage

The Horse N Carriage is a laid-back, family-owned seafood restaurant that serves quality meals ranging from steaks to pasta, to delicious seafood!

210 Dedham St, Norfolk, MA 02056, +1 508-384-2274

Norfolk, MA Map

Find even more restaurants to eat at and places to go with this map of Norfolk!

Jobs in Norfolk, MA

For those looking to work in town, the most common businesses are small or independently-owned like restaurants and hospitals that involve the service industry. The majority of employed residents in Norfolk commute to Boston or Providence for work, whereas their top employers consist of insurance, business, and financial companies. Workers from Norfolk, MA are especially familiar with executive, management, and professional occupations. As stated by Payscale, the average base salary of a Norfolk resident is $76,000 a year, whereas the average hourly rate sits at $24.90. If you’re looking for work in the area, try searching for job openings in Norfolk, MA.

If you’d like to commute to Providence, Rhode Island, the distance from Norfolk to Providence is 28.2 miles– about a 40-minute drive south.

Norfolk, MA Schools

All 6 highly-rated schools in Norfolk, MA are either served by Norfolk Public Schools or the King Philip Regional School District. Some of Norfolk’s schools include Freeman-Kennedy School and King Philip Regional High School. If you’re a student moving into the area, you’ll have the Norfolk Public Library to be of service to you and your studies.

Norfolk, MA Statistics and Information

Norfolk, Massachusetts of Norfolk county has a land area of 15.2 square miles and a population density of 788 people per square mile. The town of Norfolk has an elevation of 212 feet and a zip code of 02056. With the area codes of 508 and 774, Norfolk is among the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Tips for Living in Norfolk, MA

  • Clothing for every season is vital in Norfolk due to the ranging 4-seasonal weather conditions.
  • Although the town lacks nightlife, the crime in Norfolk is considerably low which makes it an ideal place to raise little ones!
  • Take advantage of the Norfolk martial arts facilities and private training programs!

Thinking about moving to Norfolk, Massachusetts? Mass Bay Movers will help you out and give you a stress-free move! Reach out to our top-rated team and reliable Norfolk moving services at ​​978-587-3775 to get moving!


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