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Moving to Marshfield? 🛟 | What It’s Like Living in Marshfield MA

Last Updated on: 4th January 2024, 01:51 pm

Are you considering moving to Marshfield and the picturesque South Shore of Massachusetts? Incorporated in 1640 and named after the many salt marshes decorating the town border, Marshfield MA is a classic New England town lush in history and natural beauty, ideal for anyone desiring a quiet coastal lifestyle. Residents of Marshfield enjoy an outstanding quality of life, stunning beaches like Rexhame Beach, a vibrant community spirit, and easy access to all that Boston offers.

Here’s everything there is to know about the friendly neighborhoods and happy people that call Marshfield Massacuchetes home.

Where Is Marshfield MA?

You know Cape Cod and Boston, but where is Marshfield MA, and what county is Marshfield MA in?

This scenic coastal town is located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, on the state’s South Shore, and is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan area.

Boston to Marshfield is roughly a 40-minute to 1 hour drive; the amenities and jobs of Boston are just 30 miles north of Marshfield, and historic Town of Plymouth MA is a closer 12.2 miles to the south. Pembroke borders the west, and the Atlantic Ocean borders the Marshfield coastal community to the east, with the beaches in Marshfield found where the waters of the Cape Cod Bay meet the Massachusetts Bay.

Marshfield MA Population & Demographics

Moving to Marshfield brings you to a quaint town with a suburban feel. According to the 2020 Census, the Marshfield MA population is 25,825 people, up a modest 2.7% since 2010, compared to the impressive population of 675,647 living in Boston. There are only about 901 residents per square mile in Marshfield to Boston’s 13,976 residents per square mile, providing plentiful room to breathe the fresh coastal air.

The Marshfield MA demographics reflect a family-focused community with a significant youth presence, an impressive 20.4% of its population under 18 years old! Marshfield is also home to 1,159 veterans, indicating a strong presence of military service history within the community and honored by the Marshfield Veterans Memorial Park.

Famous people from or living in Marshfield MA include Sean Morris, Isaiah Rogers, Erin Morgenstern, and many more!

Additional Marshfield MA Demographics:

  • Sex ratio: 51.0% women & 49.0% men
  • Median age: 40.3 years
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 97.1% White alone (95.2% White, non-Hispanic), 0.8% Black/African American, 0.0% American Indian/Alaska Native, 0.7% Asian, 2.6% Hispanic/Latino
  • Marshfield MA median household income: $109,841/year, an impressive 29.6% higher than Boston’s median household income of $81,744/year
  • Education: 97.4% of Marshfield residents 25+ years old have a high school diploma, while 51.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Foreign-born population Marshfield MA: 3.0%

Is Marshfield MA safe? We can answer this with a resounding YES!

Marshfield is actually the safest of all 25 places in Plymouth County, with a sensationally low 319 total crimes per 100,000, 86.4% safer than the United States average 2,364 incidents per 100,000 people.

The Marshfield crime rate continues to lower year-to-year thanks to the hard work and protection of the Marshfield Police Department and other first responders!

Cost of Living in Marshfield MA

The Boston metro, as a whole, presents a cost of living that’s 50% higher than the national average. The cost of living in Marshfield MA, a part of the Boston metro, is very similar, coming in at 34% higher than the national average.

A family of two adults and two children living in Marshfield, MA, can expect their monthly expenses to be equivalent to those of Plymouth County, which the Economic Policy Institute’s family budget calculator estimates to be $9,370/month or $112,438/year.

A breakdown of typical living expenses includes:

  1. Loaf of bread: $4.42
  2. A gallon of milk: $2.77
  3. Hamburger: $5.83
  4. Monthly Energy Bill: $221.71
  5. Phone bill: $238.54/month
  6. Gas: $4.34/gallon
  7. Doctor’s visit: $148.89
  8. Dentist visit: $128.46
  9. Rx drug: $548.59
  10. Vet visit: $72.30

Data from Payscale.

Marshfield MA Real Estate

Housing is a significant aspect of Marshfield Massachusetts’s higher cost of living. Houses for sale in Marshfield MA typically sell at a median price of $782,500, about 74% higher than the national average but still less than Boston’s median home sale price of $838,000.

Marshfield MA real estate is competitive, and homes for sale in Marshfield MA can expect to sell in just 19 days from listing!

Is Marshfield expensive to live? Overall, it is an expensive town. However, the neighborhoods are safe, beautiful, and supported by a thriving community with an impressive 81.0% owner-occupied housing rate.

Apartments in Marshfield MA

If you’re not looking to buy, apartments for rent in Marshfield MA cost an average of $2,291/month, again more affordable than Boston’s $3,970/month average but quite higher than the national average of $1,702/month.

A few popular apartment complexes include:

Mariner’s Hill Apartments: Floor plans start at $2,190+/month.

Ocean Shores Apartments: Floor plans start at $1,622+/month.

Village At Marshfield: Floor plans start at $1,918+/month.

Marshfield Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Marshfield

Is Marshfield a good place to live? The neighborhoods alone make it nothing short of alluring, tasteful, and close to the East Coast’s best recreation.

In Marshfield MA, each neighborhood offers a distinctive living experience, starting from coastal beauty to suburban bliss and family-focused environments that make living in Marshfield MA a top choice.

Marshfield Hills

Consider Marshfield Hills as an ideal retirement living in Marshfield MA. Boasting peace, safety, diverse housing options, and an influx of college-educated seniors, it surpasses 89.6% of Massachusetts neighborhoods for retirement living.

Marshfield Center

Marshfield Center offers a densely populated historic charm along the ocean. Notably, it has some of the lowest rates of child poverty in the U.S., an excellent choice for families, urban sophisticates, and highly educated executives. With a remarkable 67.0% of residents married, perhaps Marshfield Center has a key to successful marriages!

Kent Park

Kent Park is a coastal suburban neighborhood offering a walkable structure throughout. It’s recognized as one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Massachusetts, with top schools, low crime, and owner-occupied homes that foster a strong sense of community.

Marshfield Weather & Climate

The Marshfield MA weather presents a climate with distinct seasonal variations, featuring warm summers with July highs around 83°F and cold winters, dipping to a January low of about 20°F.

The town receives moderate precipitation, averaging 52 inches of rain and 43 inches of snow annually, surpassing the U.S. averages. Notably, Marshfield often encounters Nor’easter storms, which bring significant rain and snowfall in winter. With 201 sunny days per year, slightly below the national average, the weather in Marshfield MA is generally comfortable, earning a 7.0 on the BestPlaces Comfort Index, indicating a higher level of comfort compared to many other places in Massachusetts!


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Things to Do in Marshfield MA

With so much to keep you busy, Marshfield is a fun, bustling town for all ages. Enjoy the amazing Marshfield MA downtown, relax at scenic Marshfield beaches, explore nature trails at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary, or perhaps play a round of golf at Marshfield Country Club. Water enthusiasts can go kayaking and fishing at Green Harbor for a tranquil outside experience.

Marshfield MA Beaches:

It’s a coastal town, so of course, we have beautiful beaches with boardwalks, active lifeguards, convenient parking, and basketball courts. If you’re looking for things to do in Marshfield MA, the following beaches are a must on a sunny day:

  • Rexhame Beach: A gem for locals and visitors alike, Rexhame Beach boasts scenic Atlantic views with a convenient snack shack and great swimming conditions along the coast, a delightful place to be.
  • Green Harbor Beach: This beautiful Marshfield beach is an incredible place to visit with your family, featuring a unique landscape of blending marshes and best of all, very dog-friendly policies!
  • Brant Rock Beach: Full of nature’s wonders, a lot of sea glass, and vibrant shells. Sometimes, you can spot some seals hanging out; just don’t get too close!

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary:

Hike scenic trails, spot diverse wildlife, and capture stunning nature with your photography skills. There are educational programs to learn about the ecosystem, or you can simply enjoy leisurely strolls through classic Massachuchets landscapes.

Winslow Cemetery Road, Marshfield, MA (781-837-9400)

Marshfield Fair:

One of the oldest fairs in the USA, and most looked forward to things to do in Marshfield! Held every August, you can find carnival rides, tasty treats, live entertainment, and local exhibits. From petting zoos to crafts, it’s a family-friendly celebration, fostering community spirit and cherished memories.

140 Main St, Marshfield, MA 02050 (781-834-6629)


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Additional Marshfield Attractions:

The town of Marshfield has many more outdoor hangouts to offer, with playgrounds, trail walks, and basketball & tennis courts galore, managed by their Recreational Department. To keep yourself updated with local Marshfield events check out their calendar of events.

Restaurants in Marshfield MA

From fresh seafood by the harbor to farm-to-table feasts or maybe a sundae after a fun day at the beach, the restaurants in Marshfield in MA are sure to satisfy any eager appetite.

Haddad’s Ocean Cafe

Looking for the freshest oceanside seafood experience in town? There are so many Marshfield MA seafood restaurants to choose from, but a definitive local favorite is Haddad’s Restaurant Marshfield MA, acclaimed as one of the best restaurants in Marshfield MA. With daily deliveries of freshly caught fish, you’re soon to join the ranks of locals raving about this amazing restaurant with gorgeous Atlantic views.

291 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050 (781-837-2722)

Green Harbor Lobster Pound Home

Looking for restaurants in Marshfield MA on the water?

At Green Harbor Lobster Pound Home, indulge yourself in these freshly caught treasures right from the Marshfield beaches! This Marshfield staple with waterfront views boasts a plethora of reviews claiming the best lobster roll in town is found right here at Green Harbor (seasonal only).

131 Beach St, Marshfield, MA 02050 (781-834-4571)

KKatie’s Burger Bar

Locals and visitors alike claim that the best burgers in South Shore are over at KKatie’s Burger Bar. No wonder it’s the go-to spot for burger enthusiasts all around the area and one of those Marshfield MA restaurants that hits the spot after a big beach day.

1899 Ocean St, Marshfield, MA 02050 (781-837-0012)

Jobs in Marshfield MA

Marshfield, MA is considered a suburb of Boston; the career prospects are pretty bright, with most residents commuting daily into Boston, boasting excellent average Marshfield salaries of $83,000/year.

Historically, Marshfield, MA has been a farming and fishing town, but now Marshfield is known for its local tourism, with a large summer resort population. High-end jobs in Marshfield MA are mostly connected to Boston within a 30-mile drive.

As for corporations providing great jobs in Marshfield MA, they are mostly linked to the local tourism industry.

There are quite a few Town of Marshfield jobs, but the biggest upside remains the countless economic opportunities available in the nearby financial hubs, including 80,000+ lucrative Marshfield careers posted on Indeed alone within 35 miles of the town.

The City Schools

The town of Marshfield, MA operates its own Marshfield Public School District, which is highly rated, with a respectable grade of “A minus”

  • Marshfield MA Public Schools: Education starts with the considerably acclaimed Gov. Edward Winslow Elementary School, followed by Furnace Brook Middle School, and an overall respectable Marshfield High School.
  • Private schools in Marshfield MA: Options for a more dedicated education are limited to daycares within town boundaries, including Marshfield KinderCare. However, due to the beneficial geographic location of Marshfield, you can access prominent private schools in nearby towns and cities, such as Bay Farm Montessori Academy in Duxbury and Thayer Academy in Braintree, within a 20-minute commute by car.
  • Higher education: For colleges and universities, Marshfield, MA enjoys the relatively close proximity to Boston and Cambridge, so higher education can encompass options across the board, with Harvard University, Boston University, & Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Marshfield has a public library in town, Ventress Memorial Library, a hub for literature and arts.

Marshfield MA Statistics & Information

  • Marshfield MA County: Plymouth
  • Total area: 31.7 square miles (includes about 3.3 square miles of water!)
  • Marshfield zip code: 02050
  • Lake Mary, FL area code: 339/781
  • Lake Mary Elevation: 17 ft
  • Time zone: Eastern Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
  • Closest airport to Marshfield MA: The Boston Logan International Airport is the closest airport to Marshfield Massachusetts at 32 miles away.

Map of Marshfield Massachusetts

Ready to explore the beautiful town of Marshfield Mass? Enjoy this interactive Marshfield MA map with all the Marshfield restaurants, shopping, and neighborhoods on offer.

Considering moving Marshfield Ma or the Boston metro? Let the best Marshfield movers take the stress out of your relocation so you can focus on settling into your delightful new home.

Contact us at 978-587-3775 to discuss your moving needs and start planning your journey to the beautiful town of Marshfield MA today!


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