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Why Living in Amesbury MA is Great! | 👍 [2024] BEST Moving to Amesbury Guide

Last Updated on: 10th July 2023, 01:32 pm

Located on the far northern edge of Massachusetts, Amesbury is a thriving coastal community. Brimming with history and natural beauty, this city is a spectacular place to call home. Settled back in 1642, the area has a long and storied past. Known for its role as an early center for manufacturing various goods — including iron, carriages, and nails — Amesbury played a crucial role in the development of the United States. The area is also recognized for its history as a shipbuilding port.

One interesting fact about Amesbury is that it wasn’t officially incorporated as a city until 1996, even though it was first incorporated as a town back in 1668. Individuals residing in the area appreciate Amesbury’s historic architecture, serene residential neighborhoods, and access to outdoor spaces.

Where Is Amesbury?

Amesbury is in Essex County. Interstate 495 runs along the southern side of the city, and splits off of Interstate 95 just before touching the eastern edge of town. Amesbury shares a border with Salisbury (to the east) and Merrimac (to the west). The city sits along the northern side of the Merrimack River, and encompasses Lake Attitash and Lake Gardner. Amesbury is just under seven miles away from the coast.

The distance from Amesbury to Boston is approximately 40 miles one-way. When traffic is flowing, this equates to about a 49 minute drive.

Amesbury Population & Demographics

The population of Amesbury is 17,366. Per square mile, this equals about 1,421 people. Since 2010, the population has increased slightly (by about 1,000 residents).

Amesbury has an older population that is educated and high-earning. The median age of 44.5 is about 10 percent higher than both the county and the state. 96 percent of locals have earned their high school diploma (or higher), and nearly 40 percent have attained at least a bachelor’s degree. The median per capita income is $45,703 per year, and the median household income is $81,027 per year.

Amesbury demographics:

  • Percent of men vs. women: 49 percent male, 51 percent female
  • Median age: 44.5
  • Race and ethnicity: 92 percent White, four percent two or more races, three percent Hispanic, and one percent Asian
  • Foreign-born population: 5.7 percent

Notable individuals who lived in Amesbury include poets Robert Frost and John Greenleaf Whittier, as well as signer of the Declaration of Independence Josiah Bartlett.

Amesbury is a safe place to live. Total crime is 40.8 percent lower than the state average, and 64 percent lower than the country. Violent crime rates are 56.7 percent lower than the state average. The city is kept safe thanks to the hard work of the 30 officers and staff at the Amesbury Police Department.

Cost of Living in Amesbury

According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four would need to earn $115,870 to live in Amesbury. Compared to the national average, this figure is significantly higher. However, it is lower than the composite cost of living for the state of Massachusetts.

Typical Amesbury Living Expenses:

  • Average Amesbury utilities per month: $333.33
  • One gallon of milk: $3.42
  • Meal for two, mid-range restaurant: $47.50
  • Pair of jeans: $50
  • Internet service: $99.65/month

(Source: Numbeo)

Planning to purchase a home in Amesbury? Currently, prospective home buyers can expect to spend close to the median sale price of $585,000. Browse Amesbury, MA homes for sale.

Individuals and families who are thinking about renting an apartment, townhome, or single-family property can expect to spend $1,549 per month for a 755 square foot unit.

Amesbury Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Amesbury

Researching the best places to live in Amesbury? Since the city occupies a fairly small area, there are not many separate neighborhoods. However, there are distinct parts of town that all offer immense value to residents.

Looking to be at the center of town? Enjoy a vibrant and bustling environment in the communities that surround Main Street. Locals residing in this part of Amesbury enjoy quick access to the city’s restaurants, locally owned stores, riverfront views, and several museums, including the John Greenleaf Whittier Home and Museum.

Those who prefer a more secluded feel will adore any of the communities that are furthest away from the center of Amesbury. Exuding both suburban and rural vibes, these neighborhoods are close to scenic spots such as Woodsom Farm Park, Amesbury Town Forest, Powow River Conservation Area, and Lake Attitash.

Amesbury Weather & Climate

Located miles from the coast, Amesbury features a humid continental climate. Summers are perfect for swimming at the beach, going hiking, and participating in any other outdoor activity. In fact, the best time to visit Amesbury is between June and September when the weather is sunny and warm. During the summertime, average daily highs hover in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Winters in Amesbury are cold and snowy. In January, average lows routinely dip into the mid teens, and average snowfall totals hit 4.5 inches. Between November and February, winter weather gear — including hats, gloves, and snow boots — are an absolute must.

Spring and fall feature pleasant and consistent weather. Temperatures remain mild throughout the daytime hours, and precipitation is less common than in all other months of the year.

Things to Do in Amesbury

Ready to explore the city to the fullest? Discover the numerous things there are to do and see within Amesbury.

Before planning out your leisure time, running errands in town is a breeze. Favorite stores and retail complexes include the CarriageTown Marketplace, 29 Mill Yard, Vermette’s Super Market, and Paws Pet Boutique.

John Greenleaf Whittier Home and Museum

Visitors of the John Greenleaf Whittier Home and Museum can learn about the life and works of 19th century poet and anti-slavery advocate John Greenleaf Whittier. This famous Amesbury resident wrote nearly all of his poems in town, including “The Merrimack.”

86 Friend St, Amesbury, MA 01913, 978-388-1337

Amesbury Town Forest

Spanning 141 acres, visitors of the Amesbury Town Forest can get lost in its pristine scenery. Referred to as one of Amesbury’s best kept secrets, this sprawling park is great for nature enthusiasts, families, and athletes. Explore the forest’s Great Swamp, boardwalk, and hiking trails.

57 Kimball Rd, Amesbury, MA 01913


Amesbury Golf and Country Club

Avid golfers will definitely want to check out the city’s exclusive golf and country club. Boasting a stunning nine-hole course, the club also features a stately clubhouse, top-rated restaurant, and other prime amenities.

3 Country Club Rd, Amesbury, MA 01913, 978-388-5153

More things to do in Amesbury:

Want even more to do in Amesbury? If you’re in search of family-friendly amusements, Amesbury Parks and Recreation manages youth programs, community facilities, and summer programs. Looking for the latest city events? Follow the Amesbury events calendar for all the latest festivals, events, and celebrations.

Amesbury Restaurants

New residents of Amesbury are often pleasantly surprised by the superior selection of top-rated restaurants. Check out some of the city’s most popular eateries for your next meal.

  • Ristorante Molise. Set in a charming bistro, enjoy the cuisine and hospitality at this award-winning restaurant. Focused on handmade, authentic Italian dishes, the menu includes a delicious selection of seafood pastas, antipasti, traditional chicken entrees, and more. Ristorante Molise, 1 Market St, Amesbury, MA 01913, 978-388-4844.
  • The Coop Rotisserie. Perfect for a casual date night, The Coop Rotisserie serves authentic Latin American and Caribbean dishes. Savor the delectable taste of house favorites such as Arepas, Coxinha, the Crab Burger, assorted fish tacos, and Caribbean Pineapple Rum Bread Pudding. The Coop Rotisserie, 36 Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913, 978-834-6432.
  • Sky Hi Kitchen + Bar. Known for its retro and trendy ambiance, regulars adore this restaurant’s unique cocktail and food menu. Order from a selection of traditional American dishes, as well as one-of-a-kind creations (such as the Indian Veggie Burger and the Lemon Meringue Cake). Sky Hi Kitchen + Bar, 37 Main St, Amesbury, MA 01913, 978-834-5236.

Jobs in Amesbury

Searching for jobs in Amesbury? One of the top employers in the area is the City of Amesbury. Aside from this, job seekers can find ample opportunities at local retail establishments, public and private schools, hospitality-related businesses (including hotels), and medical establishments.

According to the latest data, reports that the average hourly wage in Amesbury is $22.80. The average annual salary in the city is $70,000.

Amesbury Schools

Amesbury is part of the Amesbury Public School District. Schools have earned an excellent reputation among parents and students. Some of the highest rated public schools in Amesbury include Amesbury High School, Amesbury Elementary School, and Amesbury Middle School.

Residents and students alike can take advantage of the many resources found at the Amesbury Public Library, which is located at 149 Main St.

Amesbury Statistics & Information

  • County: Essex County
  • Area: 13.73 square miles
  • Zip code: 01913
  • Area code: 351 and 978
  • Elevation: 50 feet
  • Time zone: Eastern
  • Closest airport: Plum Island Airport, 7.2 miles away

Amesbury MA Map

Check out more things to do, restaurants, and amenities with this map of Amesbury.

Pros & Cons of Living in Amesbury

  • Pro: Minutes from the ocean
  • Con: Higher cost of living than the national average
  • Pro: Scenic parks and lakes
  • Con: Long drive to Boston
  • Pro: Safe and tranquil neighborhoods

If you are moving soon, Mass Bay Movers know what it takes to successfully complete any size move. Whether relocating locally, or from a long distance, we’re here to make your experience hassle-free. Contact our Amesbury, MA movers today to get started.


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