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Best Lowell Neighborhoods

Best Lowell, MA Neighborhoods (2024) | Guide, Tips, Map

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2021, 07:59 pm

Known as the home of Washington Savings Bank, Lowell is a historic community and stands as a popular place for Massachusetts residents to call home. Neighborhoods in Lowell have a unique culture and environment. From family-friendly streets to quiet communities, Lowell neighborhoods are available for all kinds of renters and home buyers.

Originally famous for being the cradle of the American Industrial Revolution, Lowell is now the home of Lowell National Historical Park, the New England Golden Gloves tournament, the Lowell Museum, and the Vandenberg Esplanade. Before buying a home, new residents will need to find Lowell neighborhoods and suburbs that suit both their budget and lifestyle.

1. Pawtucketville – An Outdoor Paradise in Lowell

Located on the northwest side of Lowell, residents can find the neighborhood of Pawtucketville. Out of the Lowell neighborhoods, Pawtucketville is the largest in geographical size. It includes plenty of parks, recreation areas and open space for residents to enjoy.

This community is popular during the summer time as it is placed along the Merrimack River, which makes it ideal for kayaking, swimming, and fishing. Residents enjoy recreation options like the Vandenberg Esplanade, Fels Park, the Lowell Tyngsboro Dracut State Forest, and Lowell Heritage State Park. Plus, this neighborhood is home to the historic Hawk Valley Farm as well as the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s North Campus.

2. The Acre – An Urban Oasis Among Lowell Neighborhoods

In the central part of Lowell, the Acre is just north of Downtown Lowell and the Lower Highlands. If you want a vibrant, growing community, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Lowell to live in. While the Acre may be a fairly small neighborhood, it is surprisingly active. At the Western Avenue Studios and Lofts, the community houses 300 working artists.

Within this community, North Common is the largest park, conveniently located in the center of the area. Residents can enjoy having ample green space, basketball courts, and a public pool.

This densely populated neighborhood is also home to public outdoor art areas like Decatur Way. In this space, public art is regularly featured throughout the year. Local residents in the densely populated community can also take advantage of amenities like the many small businesses in the area.

3. Downtown Lowell – Best Nightlife in Town

As the name suggests, this neighborhood is among the most busy in Lowell. If you want a happening nightlife, this is the best place for you. Compared to other neighborhoods in Lowell, Downtown is a wealth of activities, restaurants, flair, and excitement.

Aerial view of downtown Lowell, MA

Within this neighborhood, you can explore amenities like the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell City Hall, Boott Cotton Mills Museum, Tsongas Center, and Pollard Memorial Library. Plus, Downtown Lowell is home to a trolley system, which is operated by the local Lowell National Historical Park. Residents enjoy the neighborhood’s many amenities which include cafes, historic canals, restaurants, and stores.

4. Belvidere – Top Green Spaces for Neighborhoods in Lowell

Located on the east side of Lowell, this community is surrounded by Centralville to the north and South Lowell to the south. If you happen to enjoy bird watching, this is the best place to live out of all Lowell neighborhoods. Within Belvidere, you can visit the Wyman Bird Sanctuary as well as green spaces like Shedd Park, the historic Lowell Cemetery, and Rogers Fort Hill Park.

Belvidere is separated from most of the other neighborhoods in Lowell by the Concord and Merrimack Rivers.

5. Centralville – A Family-Friendly Lowell Neighborhood

Despite its name, Centralville is located on the northeast portion of Lowell. This part of town is split from Pawtucketville by Beaver Brook and from the rest of the city by the Merrimack River. Known as one of the more residential Lowell neighborhoods, Centralville is also the site of wide-open green space like the Merrimack River Bike Path and Riverfront Park.

Bridge over Merrimack River from Centralville neighborhood in Lowell, MA

Residents in Centralville will find the large Gage Park placed behind Henry L. Robinson Middle School. Meanwhile, the McPherson Playground across the street is outfitted with a pool, athletic fields, and additional open space. If you want to enjoy a view of the city or look at the stars, you should head to the Christian Hill Reservoir.

6. Highlands – Best Neighborhood in Lowell for College Students

Placed in the southwest portion of Lowell, the Highlands community is just south of Pawtucketville and Acre. If you are looking for neighborhoods in Lowell near the university, the northern point of the Highlands is where UMass Lowell’s South Campus begins.

The Merrimack riverfront is a relaxing, scenic area where both college students and local residents can enjoy the summertime sun and fishing.

The area is also home to major parks like Callery Park and Hadley Park. Restaurants and shops within the neighborhood are thriving thanks to the area’s diverse culture. From green spaces to a strong residential atmosphere, this community is a wonderful place to call home in the city.

7. Back Central – Most Up-and-Coming Lowell Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Back Central is located within the center of Lowell along the western side of the Concord River. Out of all of the neighborhoods in Lowell, Back Central often feels ignored, though this situation has recently started to change.

Old church building in Lowell, MA

Today, young families and businesses are finally realizing the potential for Back Central. Even though it’s known for being one of the smallest Lowell neighborhoods, this community offers the perfect blend of shops and homes. Local inhabitants also enjoy having easy access to the large South Common park.

8. Sacred Heart – Peaceful Lowell Neighborhood for Young Families

Situated in the south of Lowell, Sacred Heart is bordered by Highlands to the west and South Lowell to the east. Also known as East Chelmsford, this community has clean sidewalks, parking options, and a dog-friendly environment. Sacred Heart is home to restaurants ranging from Far Eastern cuisines to national-chain cafes.

Known for being one of the safest neighborhoods in Lowell to grow up in, it’s a great place to raise a family. Young students in the neighborhood can attend Shaughnessy Elementary, Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, or Moody Elementary. While middle school and high school students can go to Pyne Arts Magnet School, James Sullivan Middle School, B.F. Butler Middle School, or Lowell High nearby.

Lowell Neighborhoods Map

Are You Ready to Choose the Right Lowell Neighborhood?

By learning about the various Lowell neighborhoods, you can determine which neighborhood is the right place for you. Depending on your lifestyle and how much you want to spend, there are different neighborhoods in Lowell to choose from.

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