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View of a sleepy New England town through the trees during fall.

Living in Norwood, MA (2024) – Should You Move There?

Last Updated on: 5th September 2023, 02:34 am

Just 30 minutes away from Boston on the T commuter rail, you’ll enter the beautiful New England town of Norwood, Massachusetts. Originally part of Dedham, MA, Norwood became a town in its own right in 1872 and has been growing ever since. Today, Norwood is known for its lush landscape, low crime rates, family-friendly neighborhoods, and welcoming community. If you’re considering moving to New England, and aren’t sure where you want to go, Norwood is a great town for professionals and families, too! Keep reading to see why we love Norwood and think you should as well.

Norwood Demographics

Wondering who lives in Norwood? This suburb of Boston is home to about 29,000 people, give or take a few newcomers. Among the population, 58% of adults are married, and 48% of locals have a family with kids under 18 years old. While the median age is 40.6, more than 15% of the population is made up of millennials between 25-34. The main zip codes in Norwood are 02062 and 02090 and the main area codes are 339 and 781.

More than three-quarters of residents earn their income via a salary, but 8% of Norwood locals are self-employed entrepreneurs instead. Twenty-eight percent of working adults also gain income from private investments, while 31% receive social security benefits. About 17% of the local population is retired. Folks living in Norwood are largely from Massachusetts, although 16% of the population was born out of state, and 17% of locals are originally from outside of the US.

The Cost of Living in Norwood, MA

Overall, the cost of living in Norwood is 42% higher than the United States average. However, for families choosing between different areas of New England for their new hometown, it is also beneficial to see how Norwood compares to nearby cities. For example, Norwood is 6% less expensive than Boston, and that difference becomes more apparent when we look at housing costs.

The median home value in Norwood is $402,600, while in Boston, the median is a stunning $540,600. So, by living in Norwood, you get many of the same amenities as Boston– the New England weather, beautiful surroundings, plenty of amenities and even access to Boston’s job opportunities, while spending 34% less on your home! Although fewer folks rent in Norwood than Boston proper, half the population does rent an apartment or condo, so it’s important to note that renting in Norwood is nearly 50% less expensive than renting in the larger city.

Norwood Jobs

Happy employees working together on a project.

As we mentioned, people living in Norwood have access to some amazing job opportunities in Boston proper. But if you don’t want to commute more than 30 minutes each way to work, the town of Norwood also has a plethora of career options for you. Norwood itself supports more than 16,000 jobs, with a median household income of $87,516. Top employers in the area include Mercer, Norwood Hospital and Analog Devices, and overall, the top business sectors are healthcare, technology, and retail trade.

Norwood Schools

Looking for a great place to move with your family? Norwood has amazing schools that your kids will love. Norwood Public Schools are committed to excellence in education from Pre-K through senior year of high school. The main high school for the area is Norwood High School, which offers both a rich core curriculum, as well as opportunities to take Advanced Placement courses for college credit. Two nearby schools, Blue Ridge Technical High School and Norfolk County Agricultural High School, offer specialized programs for students who have a chosen career path.

Where to Live in Norwood | Norwood Neighborhoods

Finding a perfect home for sale in Norwood can be taxing, but choosing the perfect neighborhood is even harder, especially if you are moving to Norwood for the first time. Though all the subdivisions in this town are beautiful and welcoming, here are a few of our favorite areas to help with your home search:

  • Winslows: The median real estate price in Winslows is $489,156, still significantly lower than Boston, though it’s higher than the median for all of Massachusetts. This neighborhood has a mix of owners and renters, with apartment buildings located next to small-to-mid-sized single-family homes.
  • Town Center: Although Norwood is a mainly suburban town, living close to the center of the action still places you conveniently near Norwood’s most popular shopping and amenities. The median home price in the center of Norwood is $455,443 and the median rent is $1,401 per month.
  • Providence Highway: This popular neighborhood offers easy access to the highway and other parts of the Greater Boston Area. Most of the neighborhood is made up of larger, three- and four-bedroom houses built between 1940-2000. The median sales price here is $505,199.

Norwood’s Weather

Before relocating to Norwood, you’ll definitely want to make sure to pick up a warm winter coat and some boots, because like most of New England, this town experiences all four seasons. While summers in Norwood are hot and sunny, winters can be bitterly cold, with average temperatures regularly below freezing. At times, powerful Nor’Easter storms can affect the town, dumping up to 3 feet or more snow on the community in just a few days. That being said, springtime in Norwood is stunningly beautiful, as the New England foliage awakens and bursts into color, and autumns here are also full of gorgeous scenery changes and cool days perfect for being outdoors that you are sure to love.

Things to do in Norwood


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Norwood is conveniently located, with tons of shopping amenities including T.J. Maxx, The Walpole Mall, CVS, and The Home Depot. It’s also home to multiple entertainment venues, and a movie theater where you can catch all the latest blockbuster movies as they come out. But there are even more fun things to do in this community; to get you started, here are two local attractions you can’t miss.

  • Ellis Pond: When the sun shines, it’s time to go fishing! Ellis Pond offers spectacular views of New England’s famous foliage, plus the opportunity to enjoy catch-and-release fishing with some buddies or even your whole family.
  • Luke Adams Glass Blowing: Whether you’re looking to make a purchase, or simply want to watch a master at work, Luke Adams Glass Blowing is an experience you simply can’t miss. Watch Luke create glass masterpieces, or even join a class to learn how to make your own art pieces from molten glass in every color!

Norwood’s Best Restaurants to Try

Some days, there’s nothing better than getting to eat a meal, without having to cook or clean. When you need some delicious food, Norwood is ready, with dozens of delicious eateries to choose from. New to the area? Here are two spots locals love.



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Looking for upscale Greek dining in a romantic atmosphere? Byblos has just what you need, with a delicious menu of classic dishes like tabouli, falafel, moussaka and more.

The Chateau Restaurant Norwood

For delectable Italian cuisine, there’s nowhere better in Norwood than the Chateau Restaurant. From shrimp scampi to veal parmigiana, this family-oriented restaurant will have you coming back again and again.

Tips for Moving to Norwood

Now that you’ve learned all about what it’s like living in Norwood, is this town your next destination? We sure hope so! Before making your final decision, keep these points in mind:

  • Norwood offers all the amenities of Boston at a lower price
  • The weather in Norwood is changeable but beautiful much of the time
  • Schools in Norwood are highly rated.

For more information on moving to New England, or to get started moving towards your new home, give the Norwood movers at Mass Bay Movers a call any time at 978-587-3775.


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