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moving to south easton

What to Know ✔️ Before Moving to South Easton MA [2024] | 💞 Living in South Easton GUIDE

Last Updated on: 30th April 2022, 10:12 am

The beautiful neighborhood of South Easton is located in the southeastern region of Massachusetts. As a part of Bristol County, South Easton is within the town of Easton and sits just west of the city of Brockton. The remarkably safe and suburban neighborhood of South Easton is a suburb of Boston and is known for being home to many upper-middle-class families who get to enjoy the array of unique shops, tasty restaurants, and even a doggie daycare center! The tight-knit community in South Easton can also take advantage of the neighborhood’s proximity to many town events, places to explore and experience wildlife, several churches, well-maintained parks, and even golf! The area encompassing South Easton was primarily developed by the notable Ames family– one of the nation’s most illustrious families who were responsible for the construction of numerous landmark buildings throughout the area. Nowadays, living in South Easton is an excellent option for those wanting to avoid the craziness of the big cities while still having close access to everything you could possibly want or need.

South Easton, MA Population & Demographics

South Easton is one of the two most well-known neighborhoods in the town of Easton– the other is known as “North Easton”. South Easton, however, has a population of 11,336 and a median age of 43.8. The median household income in South Easton comes in at $102,161 which is $17,776 above the state average. Of the 4,404 households in South Easton, there is an average of 3 people in each.

The racial demographics in South Easton are mildly diverse. Whites take up 87.5% of the South Easton population whereas African Americans come in at 4.7%. Behind them are Asian and Hispanics at 2.6% and 2.4%. Regarding the gender ratio, South Easton’s population is made up of 53.48% females which leaves 46.52% for the males.

With an A+ safety score on Crimegrade, the safety in South Easton is considerably higher than the average U.S. city. Nonetheless, much of the crime in South Easton consists of property crime which means that installing a doorbell camera, locking your doors when you leave, and adopting a furry best friend who likes to be alert should do the trick. However, your chances of being a victim of crime are very low given that South Easton, MA is an extremely safe place to live in and raise a family. In the case of an unfortunate event or unwanted situation, you’ll have all 37 sworn officers of the Easton Police Department to back you up.

Cost of Living in South Easton, MA

To be the most financially comfortable, a family of four living in Bristol County should be making around $92,205 according to the Economic Policy Institute. Despite the cost of living in South Easton, MA being higher than the national average, the neighborhood’s excellent location, strong community, and lovely atmosphere make it all the bit worth it. South Easton has a sales tax of 6.25% and an income tax of 5.1% which is .5% above the national average. You’ll find that the areas in and around South Easton have a current median house price of $605,000 according to Redfin. On the flip side, if you’re hoping to rent, the average monthly rent in South Easton is around $2,300.

South Easton, MA Everyday Expenses:

Below is a list of’s typical expenses in the town of Easton. Considering this, the prices below reflect but may not equal the exact same prices as in South Easton.

  • Internet— $65.40
  • Doctor’s visit— $107.00
  • Carton of eggs— $2.30
  • Cup of coffee— $4.18
  • Basic Utilities— $160.00

South Easton, MA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in South Easton, MA

South Easton, MA is home to many pristine homes and upper-middle-income families. The northern parts of the neighborhood will bring you closer to Stonehill College where the center and southern half of the neighborhood provide you with the Easton Country Club as well as an array of excellent restaurants and shops.

When you want to commute to the big city, the distance from South Easton to Boston is 26 miles north. If you’re fixed on moving here, check online for homes for sale in South Easton, MA.

South Easton, MA Climate & Weather

Like the rest of the town, the neighborhood of South Easton experiences very snowy and cold winters with lows of 17 degrees Fahrenheit and warm summers with highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit. This comfortable summer weather is ideal for kids to enjoy playtime at the local park! You’ll most likely get to enjoy a white Christmas with 45 inches of annual snowfall in South Easton, and you’ll get to stroll down the street humming Singing in the Rain throughout the neighborhood’s 50 inches of rainfall. On top of that, your sunglasses will get to do their job during the 201 days of sunshine in South Easton. With summer as the most pleasant time of year, the best months to visit South Easton are June, July, and August.

Things to Do in South Easton, MA

South Easton is home to plenty of amenities and places to go in and around the city borders. When you’re looking to spend some cash, the nearest shopping malls to South Easton are North Easton Village Shoppes and the Whistlestop Plaza. Take a look below at some places to go around South Easton!

Golf Country

This 18-hole miniature golf course in South Easton is the perfect place to come with friends or family! It features an excellent landscape with driving ranges, mini-golf, and extensive water features. You can even cool off with ice cream or cold slushy!

530 Turnpike St, South Easton, MA 02375, +1 508-230-8190

Ali’s Park of Eastondale

Ali’s Park of Eastondale is a top-rated park in South Easton that is a great place to take your children. This well-kept park has a playground for a variety of ages, fields, and trails to walk around in and enjoy.

74 Pine St, South Easton, MA 02375

Additional Attraction in South Easton, MA

All recreational facilities and parks in South Easton are maintained by the Easton Recreation Department. You can find events going on close to South Easton here!

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South Easton, MA Restaurants

Stoneforge Grill

The Stoneforge Grill is a popular restaurant in South Easton that serves everything from professionally-cooked fare to signature cocktails and over 30 different kinds of draft beer. Along with an elegant and spacious atmosphere, this tasty restaurant is sure to keep you coming back.

10 Roosevelt Cir, South Easton, MA 02375, United States, +1 508-238-0550

Leandros Italian Restaurant & Tavern

This delicious family-owned Italian restaurant in South Easton is a must-go place to eat! From the tasty roasted Statler chicken to the notable Mediterranean salad, the fare at Leandros Italian Restaurant & Tavern is among the neighborhood favorites!

402 Turnpike St, South Easton, MA 02375, +1 508-297-0366

Jobs in South Easton, MA

For those hoping to maintain a career, South Easton has an expected 40.5% job increase in the upcoming decade. The entire town of Easton has an average base salary of $60,000 and an average hourly rate of $19.55 according to Payscale. Some of the most popular fields in South Easton are in the management, professional, and executive occupations and a few of the top employers include Deloitte, CVS Health, and Infosys. You can search the web for open jobs in and around South Easton, MA if you’re on the lookout for employment. Want to commute to a large city other than Boston? The distance from South Easton to Providence, RI is about 30 miles southwest.

South Easton, MA Schools

Students living in South Easton get to enjoy a remarkable public school system that’s ranked among the highest levels of education in the U.S. The neighborhood of South Easton is served by the Easton Public Schools. This school district has a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1 and a total of 3,410 students. Among the district 7 main schools, a few that are closest to South Easton’s are Oliver Ames High School and Easton Middle School.

Whether you’re a senior resident looking for a new novel or a student moving into the area, you’ll have close access to the Ames Free Library six days out of the week!

South Easton, MA Statistics & Information

South Easton of Bristol County has a land area of 14.71 square miles and a population density of 770.6. The neighborhood of South Easton has an elevation of 112 feet and the zip code of 02375. With the area code of 508, South Easton, MA is within the Eastern Time Zone. The nearest large airport to South Easton is the Boston Logan International Airport.

South Easton, MA Map

Discover even more places to go with this map of South Easton below!

Pros & Cons of Living in South Easton, MA

Pro: Enjoy living next to supportive and friendly neighbors!
Pro: You can relax knowing the crime rate here is extremely low.
Con: Owning a raincoat is ideal given the neighborhood has an above-average amount of rainfall.

Eager to live in South Easton? You can have a smooth relocation by hiring our professional South Easton moving services! Reach out to Mass Bay Movers by calling 978-587-3775!


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