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moving to easton ma

ULTIMATE Moving to Easton MA Guide | 🏡 Top Living in Easton Tips

Last Updated on: 30th April 2022, 09:40 am

The trapezoidal-shaped town of Easton MA is located in Bristol County and is bordered by Brockton and West Bridgewater. As a part of Bristol County, Easton is known for a very comfortable and tight-knit community, an excellent geographic location, and an incredibly attractive physical environment where fascinating history and beautiful natural sites are abundant. It’s also known to be the place where the first steel was made for the original colonies. Home to a plethora of conservation land, the residents of Easton further get to enjoy the town’s remarkably strong school system, several churches, many parks, plenty of tasty restaurants, golf, and even a tennis club for kids and adults!

First settled in 1694, Easton was originally named “East End,” and wasn’t officially incorporated until 1725. Easton’s former economy was heavily developed by the Ames family who is responsible for constructing an array of landmark buildings within the area. During the Revolutionary War era, former and first U.S. president General George Washington stayed at today’s oldest exiting home in Easton known as the Benjamin Williams Tavern. In more recent days, the town of Easton has also resided several notable people like the American football coach, Mike Vrabel, and the American actress, Kristian Alfonso. On top of being an overall great place to live and grow up in, Easton is a suburb of Boston and very popular for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the large cities but still want proximity to its countless amenities.

Easton, MA Population and Demographics

According to the United States Census, Easton, MA has a population of 25,058 which has gone up by 8.4% in the last decade. The median age in Easton sits at 41.3 years whereas the town’s median household income is $106,900– over 25,000 above the state average. The job market in Easton has increased by 4.1% in the last year which is positive for the 4.2% unemployed.

The racial demographics in Easton, MA are slightly diverse with whites making up 85.3% of the town’s population, Hispanic’s taking up 4.6%, blacks at 4.1%, and Asians at 2.4%. On the flip side, Easton’s population is made up of 52.6% females which leaves a remaining 47.4% for males.

In Easton, the chances of being a victim of crime are 1 in 133 whereas the national average is 1 in 40. As such Easton’s crime rate is 70% lower than the national crime rate. Considering this, it’s safe to say that Easton, MA is a very safe place to live and raise a family. Nonetheless, all 37 sworn officers of the Easton Police Department will keep your back covered.

Cost of Living in Easton, MA

To live comfortably in Bristol County, a family of four should be making at least $92,205 according to the Economic Policy Institute. Easton has a sales tax of 6.25% and an income tax of 5.1% which is above the national average of 4.6%. However, the overall cost of living in Easton is slightly below the state average. As stated by Redfin, Easton has a median house price of $537,500 which has gone up 3.4% in the last year. If you’re looking to rent, the average monthly rent in Easton is about $2,300 a month.

Easton, MA Everyday Expenses:

Below is a list of typical costs in Easton, MA provided by

  • Basic Utilities— $160.00
  • Internet— $65.40
  • Carton of eggs— $2.30
  • Doctor’s visit— $107.00
  • Cup of coffee— $4.18

Easton, MA Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Easton, MA

Easton, MA has several lovely neighborhoods and a high amount of owner-occupied single-family houses. Despite there being no official designation, the most well-known neighborhoods in Easton are often referred to as “South Easton” and “North Easton”. The areas in and around North Easton will give you close access to nature preserves, conservation lands, and the Borderland State Park. About 5 minutes south of here is South Easton– home to upper-middle-class families and a wide wide variety of restaurants and shops.

The distance from Easton to Boston is approximately 30 miles which will take you north on the road for 40 minutes. If you’re commuting to the state of Rhode Island, the distance from Easton to Providence is about 29 miles south. Regardless of where you end up, most– if not all neighborhoods in Easton are sure to offer scenic tranquility and high safety that is ideal for any future resident.

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Easton, MA Climate and Weather

Easton, MA experiences warm, pleasant summers with highs of 83 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the winters are very cold and snowy with lows of 17 degrees Fahrenheit. With 45 inches of snow per year in Easton, this makes for the perfect weather for residents to get out and go skiing or snowboarding at the nearby ski resorts! Your shades and sunscreen will be put to use throughout the 201 days of sunshine in Easton, and your umbrellas will have a purpose during the 50 inches of annual rainfall. With summer being the most comfortable time of year, the best months to visit Easton, MA are in June, July, and August.

easton, ma stone bench by lake

Things to Do in Easton, MA

Both within and outside of its borders, the town of Easton has plenty of natural sites to visit, historical artifacts to admire, and top-rated restaurants to eat at. In case you’re in need of lightening your wallet in Easton, shopping centers like the RK Easton Village and the Highlands Plaza will serve you well. Check out more things to do in Easton, MA below!

Borderland State Park

Shared between the towns of Easton and Sharon, this beautiful nature preserve of 1,843 acres features trails for hiking and horseback riding, a highly-rated golf course, and the historic Ames Mansion which was built back in 1910! This state park makes for an ideal place to take the family and enjoy the company of rich history and the pleasant outdoors.

259 Massapoag Ave, North Easton, MA 02356, United States, +1 508-238-6566

Children’s Museum in Easton

This active museum for young children features interactive educational exhibits, events, and activities related to cultural, social, and educational subjects. Sound boring for the little ones, right?– Wrong! These subjects are offered through informal play to implement fun and interesting ways to learn that will last a lifetime.

9 Sullivan Ave, North Easton, MA 02356, United States, +1 508-230-3789

Additional Attractions in Easton, MA:

All-natural areas in Easton, MA are served by the Easton Recreation Department. You can find events going in Easton here!

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Easton, MA Restaurants

Stoneforge Grill

This bustling restaurant in Easton serves fresh and professionally-cooked fare along with over 30 draft beers and signature cocktails. Whether you’re ordering the roasted butternut & beet salad or the apple stuffed pork lion, you’ll find the atmosphere here to be specious, elegant, and worth going to.

10 Roosevelt Cir, South Easton, MA 02375, United States, +1 508-238-0550


For when you’re craving delicious Italian food and a great customer experience, Corfinio in Easton, MA will not disappoint! Featuring tasty appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, and plates of pasta, this nice and staff-friendly Italian restaurant has everything from roasted sweet potato risotto pasta to loaded spinach & ricotta pizza!

285 Washington St, North Easton, MA 02356, United States, +1 508-238-2400

Jobs in Easton, MA

For those curious about making a living here, 86.36% of the workforce in Easton is made of up white-collar jobs and the job growth is expected to increase by 40.5% in the upcoming decade– this beats the national average by 7%. According to Payscale, Easton has an average base salary of $60,000 and an average hourly rate of $19.55.

Some of the most popular positions include nurses, executive assistants, and paralegals and a few of the top employers in Easton are Infosys, CVS Health, and Deloitte. If you’re seeking employment, you can search for job openings in and around Easton, Massachusetts.

Easton, MA Schools

Easton, MA is known to have a high rate of college-educated adults and a remarkable public educational system– in fact, the town is said to rank among the highest education levels in the nation. The 7 public schools in Easton are served by Easton Public Schools whereas some of the top schools include Oliver Ames High School and Parkview Elementary.

If you’re a student attending a private university in Easton– Stonehill College, you can always study for a test or find a good book in the town’s Ames Free Library!!

Easton, MA Statistics and Information

Easton, MA of Bristol County has a land area of 29.2 square miles and a population density of 858 people per mile. The town of Easton has an elevation of 112 feet and the zip codes of 02356 and 02375. With the area code of 508/774, Easton is within the Eastern Time Zone. For when you’re in need of air travel, the largest airport near Easton is the Boston Logan International Airport.

Easton, MA Map

Take a look at even more places to go with this map of Easton below!

Pros and Cons of Living in Easton, MA

  • Pro: Besides the big cities, you can also enjoy close proximity to amenities in the nearby towns of Foxboro and Wrentham!
  • Pro: Sleep sound knowing the crime rate here is very low.
  • Con: Bundle up for the rather freezing cold winters!

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