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Middlesex County Property Taxes

Middlesex County Property Taxes – 🎯 2024 Ultimate Guide & What you Need to Know [rates, lookup, payments, dates]

Last Updated on: 10th July 2023, 01:30 pm

It can often be intimidating and stressful to learn about property taxes in Middlesex County, MA (or any taxes for that matter). But the more you can understand these rates and other resources about taxes, the easier it is to prepare and get them taken care of each year.

To help you learn more about Middlesex County property taxes, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know before purchasing a home in the area.

Middlesex County Property Taxes

What are property taxes? All types of taxes have existed for millennia, though property taxes came into existence around the 14th century during the Feudal Age. British leaders decided to base a taxpayer’s capacity to make payment on their property ownership and occupancy.

Now, property taxes are chosen by local city or state governments and depend on where a building is located and what it is worth.

Middlesex County property taxes

Property taxes in Middlesex County are overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). The current Massachusetts state treasurer is Deborah B. Goldberg.

By state law, the DOR handles the steps involved in assessing whether each municipality is following fair market value standards. They conduct reviews every five years and use their results to make adjustments as needed.

Although taxes are overseen on a state level, Middlesex County property taxes are managed at the city and town level with each municipality having its own treasurer & tax collector office as well as its own property tax assessor’s office.

Every municipality is responsible for both the administration and collection of property taxes, which includes mailing out bills four times a year in January, April, July, and October.

Middlesex County Property Tax Search

The Massachusetts Secretary of State William Francis Gavin website is where you can find Middlesex county property tax records and land records.

This is the best resource to look up relevant property tax information including amounts, tax assessment history, payment history, and more tax records you might need. You can complete the Middlesex County property tax lookup with your address, parcel number, name, or other details.

Other tools you can use for your Middlesex county property tax search include

Middlesex County Property Tax Rates

How are property taxes calculated in Middlesex County? The state of Massachusetts expresses tax rates as the number of dollars per thousand dollars of the assessed value. For example, if a home is assessed with a value of $200,000 and the property tax rate is $25 (0.025), the tax bill is $5,000 per year.

Property tax rates in Middlesex County are set locally by cities and towns in Massachusetts, with total rates generally ranging from 1% to 2%.

Property tax rates in Middlesex County

The average Middlesex county property tax rate is 1.230%, which makes it tied for the fifth-lowest in Massachusetts with Bristol County. It is slightly higher than the Massachusetts average property tax rate of 1.170% as well as the national average of 1.070%.

The median property tax payment in Middlesex County is $5,841 per year. This is the highest annual amount in Massachusetts due to the higher costs for homes in the county.

County Property Tax Payments

All cities in Massachusetts are required to administer and collect their own property taxes. Middlesex County cities send out their tax bills four times a year in the months of January, April, July, and October.

Middlesex County property tax due dates are set within 30 days of the bill being sent. If you fail to make your payments on time you could incur interest or fines as late penalties. Based on the dates that bills are sent, these deadlines will typically be in the months of February, May, August, and November.

Tax due dates in Middlesex County

The way you make your Middlesex County property tax payments will depend on the city you live in and their process. Most cities will offer ways to pay online, pay with a credit card, or pay in-person at a local dropbox.

You’ll need to reach out to your city’s treasurer and tax collector office to determine the ways they’ll allow you to make your property tax payments. The office will also be able to give you additional information about when their bills are mailed, property tax due dates, and any payment plans they may offer.

Additional Middlesex County Property Tax Information

Property Tax Appeal

People who feel the assessed value of their home is higher than its fair market value can file an abatement application.

Submitting a property tax appeal in Middlesex County

If you want to submit a property tax appeal, you can send it to the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board (“ATB”). These can be submitted either via the mail or in person. The state of Massachusetts put out a helpful guide that will lead you through each step of the Middlesex property tax appeal process.

Property Tax Increase

Your property taxes have the potential to be changed every year as your city reviews its local needs. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue assesses these adjustments every five years to ensure your city is being fair and reasonable. You can reach out to your local treasurer’s office with any questions about a Middlesex County property tax increase.

Property Tax Refund

There are a handful of ways you could qualify for a property tax refund such as owning a second residence or a location that serves as a charitable property. These processes require you to fill out one of the following forms:

It’s also possible to get property tax refunds in Middlesex County if you overpay on your tax bill.

Property Tax Exemptions

The Massachusetts DOR’s Division of Local Services determines who is eligible for property tax exemptions in Middlesex County. Common people who can apply and potentially qualify for these exemptions include:

  • Blind Persons
  • Senior Citizens
  • Surviving Spouses, Minor Children, and Elderly Persons
  • Veterans
  • Religious and Charitable Organizations
  • Real Estate Tax Deferrals

Middlesex County Property Tax Office Contact Information

There are a total of 22 Treasurer & Tax Collector offices in Middlesex County. You can find the closest location to you by reviewing this list.

Middlesex County Assessor Office Contact Information

Middlesex County has 28 Assessor Offices within its various municipalities. Find the nearest office to your city here.

Middlesex County Property Tax Forms

The most common property tax forms for Middlesex County are available on the Massachusetts government website.

Middlesex County Property Tax FAQ

What is the property tax rate in Middlesex County?

The average Middlesex County property tax rate is 1.230% of the assessed home value. These numbers vary slightly by city and town.

When are Middlesex County property taxes due?

Property taxes in Middlesex County are sent out once per quarter in January, April, July, and October. Payments are due within 30 dates of when they are mailed out.

Can I look up my Middlesex County property taxes online?

Tools like the one on SmartAsset provide a Middlesex property tax calculator that you can use to determine your city’s current rate.

How do I pay my property taxes in Middlesex County?

You can make Middlesex County property tax payments to our local city government with the processing options they offer.

Looking Up Property Taxes Before Moving to Middlesex County?

It can be easier than you may think to figure out your property taxes in Middlesex County, MA. All of the resources above will point you in the right direction and provide you with all the details you’ll need. Once you calculate these amounts, you’ll be able to determine how much you should expect to pay every year for your home.

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