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Living in & Moving to north attleborough, ma

What’s Living in North Attleborough MA Like? | [2024] 🏆 ULTIMATE Moving to North Attleborough MA Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2021, 07:46 pm

Just a 45 minute drive from Boston is the quaint Town of North Attleborough, Massachusetts. Its American history dates back to the 17th century. The town has undergone many phases since its first settlers arrived from agricultural, to industrial, and finally suburban. Though the formal spelling is North Attleborough, many have dropped this to use the casual North Attleboro. A common nickname for North Attleborough is Nattleboro. Today, North Attleborough is known as a fantastic place for sports lovers and families. Since the town is so close to Gillette Stadium, athletics are a large part of life in North Attleborough, both local and professional. North Attleborough is known for being rich in history and was once known as the jewelry center of the east. Many notable athletes hail from North Attleborough, including the NFL’s Chris Sullivan, Olympic figure skater Colin Grafton, and Jerod Mayo of the New England Patriots.

North Attleborough, MA Population & Demographics

The population of North Attleborough is 28,945, and there is very little diversity. The demographic breakdown of North Attleborough is 86.6% white, 4.2% Hispanic, 3.0% Black or African American, 4.2% Asian, and 2.0% Mixed or Other races. Married couples make up 53.9% of households in North Attleborough. Over one-third of North Attleborough households include school-aged children, and it is a safe place for them to grow up. Total crime in North Attleborough is 42% lower than the national average; your chances of being the victim of a crime in North Attleborough is 1 in 70. North Attleborough is considered a very safe place to live! North Attleborough’s population is 50.2% female, and 49.8% male.

North Attleborough is located in Bristol County, Massachusetts. North Attleborough’s zip code is 02760. The area codes for North Attleborough are 508 and 774.

North Attleborough Cost of Living

Thinking of moving to North Attleborough and wondering if it’s affordable? The cost of living in North Attleborough is 16.2% higher than the national average. Whether that will work for you depends on your lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean that everything is 16% higher across the board. Housing prices in North Attleborough are 57.5% higher than the national average, which accounts for a lot of the cost of living increase. Healthcare in North Attleborough is 17.2% lower, and transportation is 6.3% lower than the national average. Utilities in North Attleborough cost 8.7% more than the national average, and groceries are 7.6% more expensive.

About 75.1% of North Attleborough residents own their homes. The real estate market in North Attleborough is very competitive. Median sale price for a home in North Attleborough is $501,000. Homes in North Attleborough sell for 6%-11% above asking price, many with multiple offers and waived contingencies. Homes usually sell in less than 3 weeks in North Attleborough. Now is a great time to buy one of the many homes for sale in North Attleborough, MA.

About 25% of residents in North Attleborough rent their homes. Average monthly rent in North Attleborough is $995, just below the national average.

North Attleborough, MA Neighborhoods

North Attleborough is home to two villages. Attleboro Falls, in the central southeastern portion of the town, has a wide range of real estate options to choose from. Within Attleboro Falls is the beautiful Attleborough Falls Historic District on Mt. Hope and Towne Streets. This area is lined with gorgeous mid-to-late 19th century homes. North Attleborough’s second village, North Attleborough Center, is more densely populated. Each of these are great places to live in North Attleborough.

North Attleborough, MA Weather

You will enjoy four seasons living in North Attleborough, but you’ll definitely need rain and snow gear! The area receives a lot of precipitation throughout the year – 51” of rain and 40” of snow! June, August, and September are the most pleasant months in North Attleborough. July is the hottest month in North Attleborough, when average highs reach 83.3°F. Bundle up in January though – lows average at 15.8°F.

Things to Do in North Attleborough

There are plenty of ways to unwind in North Attleborough! In addition to all the parks and green spaces. Here are just some of the endless activities North Attleborough has to offer:

Capron Park Zoo

Capron Park Zoo is the perfect way to spend a day with the family in North Attleborough! In addition to 100 animals of 44 different species, kids can enjoy the zoo’s playground and splash pad. Need some extended activities for your kids? The zoo hosts camps and educational programs they’re sure to love.

201 County St, Attleboro, MA 02703, (774) 203-1840

National Fish Hatchery


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Looking for a unique activity? Check out the National Fish Hatchery, where you can learn about all the fish they produce for New England. The hatchery hosts tours, an annual fishing derby, and StoryWalks created by local teacher and artist Nicole Vachon Hanlon. Fish aren’t the only attraction here though, the gorgeous Native Plants Garden and Nature Trails were added in 2010 for additional recreation.

144 Bungay Rd, North Attleborough, MA 02760, (801) 731-8882

Additional Things to do in and around North Attleborough

North Attleborough Restaurants

North Attleborough has plenty of great restaurant options nearby! Here are a few of North Attleborough’s residents’ favorite places to dine:

Table at 10

Whether you need a great spot for date night or the whole family, Table at 10 is the place to go. This delicious North Attleborough restaurant is perfect for comfort food. Enjoy American comfort food made from scratch in a comfortable atmosphere. Residents consider Table at 10 a local gem with lots of character and great service.

10 N Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760, (508) 576-8102

Stella Osteria


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Dine in style at Stella Osteria! This modern take on Italian classics is a North Attenborough favorite. Chefs Luis Velasquez and Santos Vilorio have crafted an exciting seasonal menu using only the freshest ingredients. Customers love it so much they return again and again, and bring Stella Osteria on for their catered events.
6 N Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02763, (508) 316-3723

Jobs in North Attleborough, MA

Median household income in North Attleborough is about $83,700 a year, rising by about 4.25% annually. The largest industries in North Attleborough are healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education. Within those industries, the most common jobs in North Attleborough are management, administrative, and sales related positions. 6.77% of North Attleborough and surrounding areas’ residents live at or below the poverty line. Females aged 55-64 are the largest demographic affected by poverty in North Attleborough.

You may have a longer commute if you live in North Attleborough. The average commute is 28.5 minutes, more than 3 minutes longer than the national average. Almost 84% of North Attleborough residents commute alone, and the majority of North Attleborough households have two cars. Will you be commuting to Boston from North Attleborough? Click here for directions from North Attleborough to Boston, which is 43.1 miles. 

Job-hunting in North Attleborough? Click here to see current listings in North Attleborough on If you’d like to work for the Town of North Attleborough, click here to get in touch with the Town of North Attleborough Human Resources Department. Hiring positions are constantly changing for those living in North Attleborough, so check frequently.

Schools in North Attleborough, MA

North Attleborough Public School District comprises 8 public schools that serve about 4000 students in the area. The best rated schools in North Attleborough are Amvet Boulevard, Falls, and North Attleboro High. Public schools in North Attleborough have received increased funding recently, and students are welcome to be a part of School Committee meetings. North Attleborough is also home to many great private schools, including St. Mary Sacred Heart School.

Living in North Attleborough Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Great family community
  • Pro: Laid back pace
  • Con: Long commuting times

Moving to North Attleborough in the near future? Make sure you hire the best professional movers in North Attleborough to help! Mass Bay Movers are the best rated moving company in the North Attleborough area. Call us today at 978-587-3775 to get started on your free quote!



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