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moving to needham, ma

Thinking of Moving to Needham MA? | 🗺️ [2024] ULTIMATE Living in Needham MA Guide

Last Updated on: 31st October 2021, 02:10 pm

Just southwest of the state capital of Massachusetts, Needham is a suburb of Boston and is considered one of the best places to live in Norfolk County for its highly rated schools, safe environment, and friendly atmosphere. Needham was incorporated in 1711 and has experienced many changes over its history. It was named after the town of Needham Market in England. Early settlers in the 1700’s relied on agriculture and lumbering to make it through the year. During the 1800’s, saw and grist mills were opening up along the Charles River. Finally, in the mid 19th century, Needham was seeing industrial growth and production, making the city feel more developed. Needham is now known to be one of the richest cities in Massachusetts. It is also the first town in the US to raise the age to legally buy tobacco to 21! Many Needham residents find their lives to be good since they are able to afford what they want, have friendly neighbors that will help out when needed, and are in a safe environment where kids can freely play. Notable people from Needham include actor Edwin McDonough, governor Charlie Baker, and NFL player Dave Cardigan.

Needham, MA Population & Demographics

Needham has a steady population growth of 0.765%. The population in Needham is 30,970 people. Females make up 52.03% of the Needham population, while males only make up 47.97%. Needham is seen to be a fairly diverse city for Massachusetts with the racial demographics being 82.6% White, 8.84% Asian, 2.84% African American, 2.63% Hispanic, and 2.37% mixed races. The median age in Needham is 43.5, however there are many retirees in the area due to the city’s calm and friendly atmosphere. One of the biggest reasons people decide to move to Needham is for its safe environment. The crime rates in Needham are 81% lower than the national average, making Needham a very safe place to live. The Needham Police Department has 49 officers to protect the city.

Needham Cost of Living

It’s important to know if you can afford living in Needham. Unfortunately, Needham isn’t the most affordable option when you compare the cost of living to Massachusetts and the rest of the US. Needham is 101% more expensive to live than the national average and 74% more costly than the Massachusetts average. This high cost of living is mainly due to Neeham’s housing costs. Housing costs 300% more than the US average and 224% higher than the Massachusetts average. Fortunately, other essentials in Needham aren’t as expensive. Healthcare in Needham is actually 17% less expensive than the national average and utilities are 1% less costly than the Massuchusetts average. Groceries are 9% more expensive than the rest of Massuchetts and transportation is 15% higher.

Needham’s housing market is deemed to be very competitive with homes being sold within 15 days for 4% higher than the original asking price. The average cost of a home in Needham is $1.3 million or $435 per square foot. Housing costs are rising by 6.25%, so it is smart to start looking to buy one of the homes for sale in Needham before prices continue to skyrocket. Check out the many beautiful homes for sale in Needham, MA here!

The homeownership rate in Needham is 83.9%, however there are still people interested in renting in the area. The average rent for a 1,077 square foot apartment in Needham is $3,003. The rent trends in Needham are projected to increase by 33% over the next year.

Needham, MA Neighborhoods & Best Places to Live

The most popular neighborhoods in Needham are Needham Heights, Newton Upper Falls, and Needham Junction. Needham Heights is a suburban neighborhood located in the heart of Needham. This neighborhood offers big homes for families and apartments for individuals or couples that don’t need as much space. There are plenty of grocery stores and fun shops nearby, so you’re likely to find everything you need within a few miles in Needham Heights. Newton Upper Falls is right off the freeway and is perfect for anyone that needs to travel to other cities for their job. This neighborhood is also near many parks that are great to take walks to or play games at. Many residents in Newton upper Falls are young and ambitious about starting their career. There are many yearly events planned in this neighborhood, making it a very sociable atmosphere. Needham Junction is mainly made up of bigger homes, but has some smaller apartments for young adults that attend the various colleges nearby. This neighborhood is very family friendly and has many young families living in the area. Needham also provides for some convenient shopping, including The Shops at 300 and Needham Street Village Shops.

Needham, MA Weather

Needham has a humid continental climate that is known for its abundant amount of precipitation and cold winters. The summers in Needham are warm and pleasant with an average high temperature of 78°F and low temperature of 63°F. Meanwhile, the winters in Needham can be brutal with freezing temperatures between 21°F and 45°F and snowy conditions. Needham gets an average of 49 inches of rainfall and 50 inches of snowfall a year – almost double the national average! While many may view this climate to be undesirable, many Needham residents love it for their winter activities. There are many avid skiers and snowboarders in the Needham area.

Things to Do in Needham

There is plenty to do here in Needham, MA! Here are some of the top-rated activities:

Cutler Park Reservation

Cutler Park offers all its visitors an overview of Neeham’s natural beauty.Located on 739 acres of freshwater marsh, the views are unmatched with the beautiful birds flying by and luscious green plants surrounded by the walkway!

84 Kendrick St, Needham, MA 02494, (617) 698-1802

Needham Town Forest 

Looking for a fun day out in the sun? Grab your bikes and take them up the beautiful trails located in Needham Town Forest. Many residents consider this place to be magical with the breathtaking atmosphere and unusual train trestle that you can check out nearby!

Needham, MA 02492, (781) 455-7550

Additional Things to do in and around Needham

The City of Needham has built 10 different parks and fields for residents to visit and play games on throughout the year! Read more about them on the Needham Parks and Rec Site.

Needham Restaurants

Hungry after exploring the city? Check out the most popular restaurants in Needham below:

Blue On Highland


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A post shared by Blue On Highland (@blueonhighland)

If you’re looking where to eat out for date night, then Blue On Highland is a must go! This restaurant offers fine American cuisine with live jazz music playing the entire night! Blue On Highland is a bit more pricey, but once you try their delicious parmesan fries, oven roasted Salmon, or Rigatoni Bolognese, you will be more than happy to splurge for the taste!

882 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02494, (781) 444-7001

Sweet Basil

This local restaurant serves the best Italian food in the city! With options of rosemary chicken, four cheese ravioli, chicken parmesan, and more, your taste buds will make you keep coming back for more! Sweet Basil has several five star reviews complimenting their service, great portions, and delicious flavors.

942 Great Plain Ave, Needham, MA 02492, (781) 444-9600

Map of Needham, MA

Look over this Needham map to find delicious restaurants, fun activities, good neighborhoods, and more!

Needham Statistics & Information

Needham is located on the rocky uplands by the Charles River in the eastern part of Norfolk County. The area codes for Needham are 781 and 339. Needham’s zip codes are 02459, 02464, 02492, and 02494. The elevation of Needham is 162 feet. The time zone for Needham is the Eastern Daylight Time. Needham is 12.7 square miles in area.

Jobs in Needham, MA

The median household income in Neeham is $165,547, which is an 8.18% growth from last year. There are currently 14,881 people in Needham that are employed. The biggest industries in Needham are professional and technical services, health care, and education. The highest paying jobs in Needham are found in finance, insurance, and manufacturing. Luckily, Needham has a low poverty rate of 2.73%, so most residents are able to afford the things they need.

The average commute time for Needham residents is 29.3 minutes – about 4 minutes longer than the normal US worker. Some residents need to travel further to get to bigger cities like Boston for better job opportunities. If you’re planning to commute to Boston, you can find directions from Needham, Ma to Boston, MA here, which is 19 miles away

Schools in Needham, MA

Needham’s school district has some of the best schools in the state. The most popular schools in Needham are Broadmeadow, Pollard Middle, High Rock School, and Needham High. All of these schools are rated 9 and 10 on Great Schools for their high test scores, impressive student progress, and diverse atmosphere. There are also plenty of good private schools to choose from in the area, including The Walker School, St Sebastian’s School, and Monsignor Haddad Middle School. Needham is also the home to the small private Olin College of Engineering. Students in Wheaton also benefit from the Needham Public Library which is free to use.

Living in Needham Tips

  • Needham is an affluent town with friendly neighbors
  • Make sure you have a good coat to fare the cold snowy winters
  • Stop by the many delicious restaurants and get a feel for the local businesses

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