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Why Living in Haverhill, MA is Great!

Why Living in Haverhill, MA is Great! 😃 | COMPLETE Moving to Haverhill Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2021, 07:30 pm

The beautiful and quiet community of Haverhill, MA is located about 37 miles north of downtown Boston. Haverhill is bordered by Atkinson, Groveland, Merrimac, Newton, North Andover, Plaistow, Salem, and West Newbury.

As one of the most historical cities in the state of Massachusetts, the area now known as Haverhill was originally founded by settlers from the nearby community of Newbury in the year 1640. Multiple U.S. presidents have visited Haverhill over the years including George Washington during a circuit through New England as well as President Theodore Roosevelt.

Haverhill also played a significant role in the abolitionist movement with a handful of mid-1800s Underground Railroad points dotted across the area. The biggest time of urban renewal came during the late 1900s as more people began moving to Haverhill.

Because of its background in the shoe industry, Haverhill is commonly known by the nickname of “Queen Slipper City”.

Haverhill has been home to many notable people such as musician Rob Zombie, television personality Tom Bergeron, and even renowned telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

1. People of Haverhill, MA – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Haverhill? The Haverhill population is 63,533 with a median age of 37 years old. Still seeing slow but steady growth, newcomers continue relocating to Haverhill as the area has seen about 5,000 people move here since 2000.

Haverhill demographics show the area is becoming more diverse as the population is made up of about 70% Caucasian, 23% Hispanic or Latino, 3% Black or African American, and 1% Asian. The local gender ratio in Haverhill is about 52% female and 48% male. The median household income in Haverhill is $69,426.

2. Things to Do in Haverhill

While the area isn’t necessarily close to any major cities, you’ll still find plenty of fun activities, and points of interest to enjoy around Haverhill. One of the top attractions is the Winnekenni Castle, where visitors can walk or bike the trails and enjoy open spaces. It’s a popular place to visit in Haverhill with kids if you’d like to bring your children to experience the outdoors.

Winnekenni Castle


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Winnekenni Castle, Castle Rd, Haverhill, MA 01830  (978) 521-1686

Among the best things to do in Haverhill, a visit to Ski Bradford is sure to be a highlight for anyone who enjoys snow skiing. Head over to get some skiing lessons or set out on your own to enjoy the fresh white powder that comes every winter.

Ski Bradford


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Ski Bradford, 60 S Cross Rd, Haverhill, MA 01835  (978) 373-0071

Additional Major Haverhill Attractions

3. Haverhill Restaurants

With so many options to choose from, one of Haverhill’s top places to eat is The Grill Next Door, where diners can have a relaxing meal or hang out at the bar. Take your pick from over 30 craft beers and grab something off their All-American menu. Some of their best dishes include chicken wings, soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

The Grill Next Door


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The Grill Next Door, 653 Broadway, Haverhill, MA 01832  (978) 241-7337

Benedetti’s Deli is another one of the top restaurants in Haverhill thanks to its quiet atmosphere and great food. Their menu features a mouthwatering spread of choices such as salads, seafood plates, chips and dip, as well as their sub sandwiches which they lovingly call “Rockets”.

Benedetti’s Deli


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A post shared by Benedetti’s Deli (@benedettisdeli)

Benedetti’s Deli, 350 Washington St, Haverhill, MA 01832  (978) 372-2097

4. Cost of Living in Haverhill, MA

The average cost of living in Haverhill is about 13% higher than the national average but is also about 14% lower than the Massachusetts state average. When looking at the main factors in living costs, things like food, healthcare, transportation, and the Haverhill real estate market tend to be more affordable. While the lone expense you can expect to pay more for is your home utilities.

The homeownership rate in Haverhill is 58%, and there are a decent amount of housing options for newcomers to choose between. The average price of a home in Haverhill is $389,000, equaling out to a median sale price of $214 per square foot. Local Haverhill, MA homes for sale require an average down payment of 4.8%.

Average Haverhill property tax rates are about 1.250%, which means a $389,000 home will have property taxes of around $4,863 per year.

If you’re moving to Haverhill with the intention of renting, you’ll be joining the remaining 42% who lease their homes or apartments. The average price of rent in Haverhill is $1,554 per month. These rates will vary based on your location, the amenities, and the size of your residence.

How much does it cost to live in Haverhill, MA? According to Numbeo, these are average prices you can expect to pay for everyday expenses:

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant $18.00
  • McDonald’s Burger Meal $6.99
  • Milk (regular 1 gallon) $5.00
  • Eggs (1 Dozen) $2.89
  • Bread (1 loaf) $2.00
  • Chicken Fillets (1 lb) $2.99
  • Domestic Beer (1 pint) $4.00
  • Average Cost of Gasoline (per gallon) $2.89
  • Movie Ticket (1st run) $8.00

5. Haverhill Neighborhoods

Living in Haverhill means comfortable living that is quiet and affordable. The crime rate in local Haverhill neighborhoods is 26% lower than the national average. Residents of Haverhill have a 1 in 55 chance of being a victim of a crime. Haverhill is a safe place to live.

Haverhill, MA on a map

Where should I live in Haverhill? A few of the best Haverhill neighborhoods you’ll find around town include:

  • Bradford
  • Ward Hill
  • Ayers Village

Spanning an area of 36 square miles, Haverhill can be found along the northwestern border of Essex County. Haverhill zip codes are 01830, 01832, 01835, and 01844. A new phone number will have one of the standard Haverhill area codes: 978 or 351.

There is a wide variety of convenient shopping destinations in Haverhill such as Sam’s Food Stores, Westgate Market Place, Target, Walgreens, and Rivers Edge Plaza.

When traveling from Haverhill to Boston, the trip takes about an hour.

6. Haverhill Schools

There are approximately 15,247 children between the ages of 0 and 18 years old residing in Haverhill, adding up to about 24% of the population. Haverhill is a great place for families to live thanks to its strong education system. Local schools are part of the respectable Haverhill School District.

The top-rated Haverhill schools are:

  • Pentucket Lake Elementary School
  • Tilton Elementary School
  • Consentino Middle School
  • Nettle Middle School
  • Whittier Regional Vocational
  • Haverhill High School

You won’t find any colleges or universities in Haverhill, but Merrimack College is a convenient option only 9 miles south in North Andover.

7. Jobs in Haverhill

The average salary in Haverhill is $63,000, which is slightly lower than the national average. Haverhill has a flat income tax rate of 5.00%, which is the standard across the state of Massachusetts. The unemployment rate in Haverhill is 8.1%.

Haverhill jobs are available across the city in a variety of industries including healthcare, technology, education, and more. Some of the best places to work in Haverhill include:

  • Whittier Health Network
  • Regan Ford
  • Pentucket Medical
  • HubSpot
  • MathWorks

8. Haverhill, MA Weather

Following the trend of nearby cities like Boston, there is a humid continental climate in Haverhill. That means people relocating to Haverhill can expect warm, muggy summers and freezing, wet winters.

Snowy weather in Haverhill, MA

The average temperature in Haverhill during summer varies between lows in the 60s and highs in the mid-80s. Winters cool down drastically to temperatures between the teens and the mid-30s. Haverhill weather also brings an average of 48 inches of rain and 56 inches of snow per year.

Living in Haverhill Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Enjoy the peaceful lifestyle that comes with living in an urban town away from the big city.
  • Pro: While the cost of living is higher than the U.S. average, it is more affordable than many other cities across Massachusetts.
  • Con: Winters in Haverhill can be freezing and snowy so make sure you pack warm clothes and other essentials.

Moving to Haverhill, MA

Anyone who learns more about the area ends up finding countless reasons to move to Haverhill. If you need a mover to help you make it happen, trust our top-rated Haverhill moving company! Give Mass Bay Movers a call today at (978) 587-3775 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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