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Boston home inspectors

Top Home Inspectors in Boston | 🏡 How to Select a Boston Home Inspector

Last Updated on: 12th September 2022, 03:38 pm

Boston is one of the most happening cities on the eastern seaboard.  You’re most likely under contract with a home, and within just a few days of purchasing a home and moving into the city, we know you’re going to be thrilled with the decision because there is no shortage of reasons to love Beantown.  Looking for a new home, especially in a historic city with plenty of older structures, can be a stressful and scary experience.  As such, we decided to help our moving customers out by doing some heavy research regarding the best home inspectors in Boston, Mass.  There is no reason why you can’t be excited to move into your new home and the experience can be made all that much more appealing with a good Boston home inspector!

Finding a Boston Home Inspector – Tips & What to Look For

Boston is an old city.  While it continues to see impressive growth in both population and economy through job opportunities, the infrastructure for much of the city is considerably more dated than new cities down south or out west.  That’s not to imply it’s a crumbling mess, because it’s definitely not!  Part of the Beantown charm is the historic buildings that are downtown, around the parks, and even in the residential areas.  

Homes in Boston range from 1 to 350 years old though, which means home inspectors with experience are invaluable.  The best Boston home inspectors and most experienced Massachusetts home inspection companies have many years and even decades in the industry – not just a few.  The longer they’ve been doing business, the more buildings they’ve seen from all historic ages of the city.  They simply know what to look for in a 300 old building and know the issues in a 50 year old building aren’t going to be the same. Experience isn’t everything though.  Keep in mind Boston’s best home inspectors have the following:

  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Sure, experience is nice, but if the professional you’re dealing with is unfriendly and unresponsive, what good is all that experience?  Positive Google reviews, Facebook, and Yelp reviews will indicate that a company or individual inspector takes care in communicating with his or her customers, making sure needs and expectations are met.  The more reviews the better!
  • Insurance.  Professionals that can provide proof of insurance policy should always be required when you’re looking for a Boston home inspector. 
  • Advanced Training(s).  There are a whole slew of specialized training certifications home inspectors can get.  In a historic city like Boston, the more the better.  Professionals can become chimney experts, certified plumbing professionals, or have elevated training completions and awards when it comes to heating and electric.  Don’t be afraid to ask about their advanced training when you call to talk to the home inspector.
  • Certifications and Licenses.  Not to be confused with advanced training, some states require home inspectors to be licensed by the state to actually do business for the public.  Massachusetts IS one of these such states so be sure to ask about the official Home Inspector Licensing.  The Board of Registration of Home Inspectors is responsible for ensuring that licensed home inspectors have proper training and experience through an associates program and meet minimum inspection requirements in each inspection performed.  Applicants are required to pass a board approved examination prior to licensure and fulfill continuing education for license renewal. The state isn’t the only governing body for home inspectors.  We recommend that an inspector be governed by the American Society of Home Inspectors as well.

What do home inspectors do? Home inspectors do a visual examination of the entire structure and evaluate the roof, foundation, draining, plumbing and heating, HVAC, walls, windows and doors.

Don’t be afraid to ask around town.  People you work with, friendly faces you meet on the train or in the coffee shop, and any friends or family you have in the area will be familiar with your plight and will have suggestions.  Try not to go with whoever your realtor recommends because there is a good chance the two are friends and one is doing the other a solid.  At the very least, take these recommendations away with you to do some research on them on your own.  If they check all the boxes in the list above, perhaps you’ve got yourself a real candidate!  Check out this article from Consumer Reports to gain more information about selecting a good Boston home inspector.

Metro Boston Property Inspections | Electronic Report Delivered within 24 Hours of Inspection – Weekends Included

Metro Boston Property Inspections have the best reviews of any company we can find.  With decades of experience, perfect 5.0 Google reviews, and an absurd 100% guarantee, our moving customers simply won’t be able to do any better.  If they inspect your home and you are not 100% satisfied with the inspection, you pay absolutely nothing for the inspection.  100% free.  Services include radon testing, mold screening and assessment, wood destroying insect inspections like termites, and plumbing inspections.  You get the standard roof, foundation, and structure inspections included.  Owned and operated by commercial inspector and mold inspection specialist, Tod Whiting, Metro Boston Property Inspections prides itself on being committed to following high standards and providing professional service to all of their customers.

Sample Reports Found Here | 265 Franklin St, Boston, MA 02110 | (617) 202-3919

Coastal Boston Property Inspections | Offers Simple and Smooth Online Scheduling and Leverages Software for Inspections

Coastal Boston Property Inspections is on the cutting edge of technology.  They tout the fact that they use the latest home inspection software to deliver you a visual, modern home inspection report that explains our findings in a way you can understand.  The report won’t be a simple .pdf style report that most inspectors deliver.  Coastal Boston Property Inspections utilizes high tech software to make a report an interactive experience that gives their customers a more comprehensible understanding of any/all findings.  With a whole slew of trainings and certifications under their belts, the professionals at Coastal Boston will inspect Boston plumbing, old wells, look for mold, radon, and are intimately familiar with chimney inspection, among others.  The best part?  They don’t sacrifice customer service for technology, which is implied by their near-perfect reviews!

Check the Interactive Report Out | | (617) 262-7825

Accent Home Inspection, LLC. | Prioritizes Customer Education and Understanding Above All Else

Ron Bracha is the founder and president of Accent Home Inspection, LLC.  He’s made it a point to build a reputation for educating his customers rather than just providing an inspection report and being on his way.  While his reports are definitely thorough, Accent Home is dedicated to helping you understand anything found, especially if it’s negative.  They give suggestions for mitigating potential issues and make recommendations for what you should make the sellers take care of as well as advising you as to what you can do on your own after purchase.  With plenty of experience, positive ratings, and very transparent pricing, Ron even offers a resources page for his customers to refer to before and after inspection that includes details about Boston mold, Boston asbestos, Boston smoke damage, and more.  Ron is perfect for those looking to buy a “fixer-upper.” 

Transparent Pricing List | Sample Report Listed | 241 Grove St, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467| (617) 259-0644 (Text!)

Advanced Building Inspectors | Complete Home Inspections Roof to Foundation

Licensed, insured, and certified home inspectors with over two decades of experience in real estate provide visual, non-destructive inspections of the systems and structure of residential and commercial properties starting at the roof and covering everything through to the foundation.

ABI provides inspection reports within one business day of completing the inspection so you can know the condition of the property you’re thinking about buying as soon as possible.

Contact for an Inspection | 86 Thornton St, Roxbury, MA 02119 | (617) 442-8000

Map of Home Inspectors in Boston

Boston Home Inspection FAQs

What does a Boston Home Inspection cost?

The total cost for a home inspector inspection in Boston, MA will vary based on what you’re looking to have done.  Sometimes it’s not necessary for a well or septic to be examined because you’re on city water, for example.  The services you utilize will dictate the total price.

What does a Boston Home Inspector look for?

Inspectors look for anything that will cause you problems after you purchase a home.  Termite damage, plumbing issues, electrical problems, radon, and mold are all common Boston inspection points.

What happens if your Boston Home Inspection fails?

There is a good chance you are avoiding major headaches if your home inspection fails and it can prevent you from making a huge life investment!  A seller can have failed points remedied so that a sale can still go through after an inspection.

Whether you’re buying a fixer-upper or a turnkey, readymade mansion, it’s important for our customers to get the best Boston home inspector for their needs. Trustworthy home inspectors coupled with trustworthy moving companies can make your Boston relocation an exciting, ideal experience by reducing stress and saving you a load of money.  If you have more questions or want to get a free moving quote, we invite you to use our online form or give us a call at (978) 587-3775 and get the ultimate Boston movers experience.


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