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best worcester ma schools

Best Schools in Worcester MA | 🏫Top Private Schools, High Schools, Elementary Schools

Last Updated on: 11th July 2023, 10:31 am

Moving to Worcester MA or changing neighborhoods? Whether you are a newlywed couple with little ones on the way or a family with teenagers, the quality of your child’s education is likely one of your top priorities. The vibrant city of Worcester is home to spectacular museums, affordable housing, diverse culture, and top-notch public schools that promote your teenager’s social and educational growth. In fact, Worcester has one of the state’s highest concentrations of top-ranked public schools.

There are several details to consider when choosing a school for your child. While many sources list the best schools based on a limited set of factors, our complete guide takes into account all the factors that make a school stand out. These factors include the AP participation rate, awards, extracurricular programs, diversity, and more.

Best Schools in Worcester MA

What is the Worcester MA school district? Families living in Worcester, Massassuttes are served by Worcester Public Schools. This is the best school district in Worcester and is the 2nd largest in the state with around 23,896 students and a student-teacher ratio of 13 to 1. This diverse and award-winning district houses 46 public schools consisting of 7 high schools, 6 middle schools, and 33 elementary schools. The district further offers excellent homeschooling, ACT programs, and adult education programs.

You can navigate through the Worcester Public Schools information center and Worcester schools admission policy online. If you’re wondering about how to enroll your teenager into school, here’s the Worcester schools enrollment guide. This guide includes traditional, charter, and magnet schools in the city of Worcester and not the entire Worcester County and Worcester MA-CT Metro Area.

Worcester Technical High School | Technical High School in Worcester that Ranks on National Blue Ribbon Schools

This high school is encompassed by a beautiful green area and the 480-acre Green Hill Park with all of its amenities. Worcester Technical High School is one of the best high schools in Worcester with a high graduation rate of 99% and a rank on the National Blue Ribbon Schools for exemplary improvement.

Since its opening in 1908, the school’s objective is to train students for both classroom and the workforce. Students at Worcester Technical High School often pursue certifications in technical career fields including design, engineering, health services, construction technology, and business services. 34% of the students participate in AP courses and 66.4% are within a minority group.

Doherty Memorial High School | One of the Most Acclaimed High Schools in Worcester

Doherty Memorial High School is in a safe area next to Newton Hill park and the amenity-packed Elm Park. With a graduation rate of 94% and ranking in the top 3 Worcester high schools, this school demonstrates exceptional growth among its students. This includes the ability to read critically, write accurately, and respond thoughtfully. The AP participation rate at Doherty Memorial High School is 49% whereas 49% of students are in a minority group.

South High Community | Worcester High School with Great Academically Accelerated Program

South High Community is just south of a series of beautiful parks and reservations. As one of the best Worcester schools, South High Community has a graduation rate of 88%, a total minority enrollment of 77.3%, and an AP participation rate of 45%. This outstanding school provides an academically accelerated program named the Goddard Scholars Academy. This program enhances the student’s critical thinking, speaking, writing, social interactions, and citizenship preparation.

Claremont Academy | Superb Middle & High School in Worcester Next to University

Just north of the private Clark University is the phenomenal Claremont Academy. This respected middle and high school in Worcester is recognized for its caring staff who strive to make every student feel like they’re on the right page. 54% of the student population have taken an AP exam and 93% go on to receive their high school diploma. This school also provides the Claremont Summer Camp and numerous sports opportunities including football, ice hockey, and lacrosse.

University Pk Campus School | One of the Best Worcester Schools with an Exceptional Diversity & Graduation Rate

University Pk Campus School is the #1 best school in Worcester based on college preparation, graduation rate, and test performance. The AP participation rate at this middle and high school is 78% whereas the graduation rate is an astonishing 100%.

Academic growth isn’t the only strong suit this school is accredited with. University Pk Campus School has a very high minority rate of 91% which accounts for the high cultural diversity among the students. The school also puts an emphasis on social and civic growth whereas athletics, clubs, and other extracurricular activities are made available.

Burncoat Middle School | Highly-Rated Worcester Middle School with Advanced Program for Gifted Students

Dual language programs, magnet programs– this remarkable Worcester middle school has it all! Burncoat Middle School is one of the best schools in Worcester due to its successful teaching methods, excellent parent reviews, and Hanover Insurance Academy of the Arts. This comprehensive program allows gifted and talented students to master concepts such as strategic thinking, effective communication, creative collaboration, and complex problem-solving. Burncoat Middle School further promotes health, wellness, and social-emotional learning among all of its students.

Forest Grove Middle | One of the Best Middle Schools in Worcester with Highly Experienced Teachers

Located a few miles southeast of Assumption University is Forest Grove Middle. This middle school is situated near Indian Lake in the cozy neighborhood of Forest Grove– one of the top neighborhoods in Worcester.

The administration and faculty at the school are noted to be very positive, approachable, and more experienced as oppressed to other middle schools. 93% of teachers here have more than 3 years of professional teaching experience. Additionally, the school offers 3 full-time school counselors in case your child requires extra help.

Worcester Arts Magnet School | Worcester Magnet Elementary School Listed on National ESEA Distinguished Schools

Based on state-required tests, graduation, and preparation for middle and high school, Worcester Art Magnet school ranks as one the top elementary schools in Worcester. This highly-rated elementary school is even listed among National ESEA Distinguished Schools for great student performance, small achievement gaps, and a high population of student minorities such as migrants and English learners. This school further boasts successful arts-integrated programs and community service projects that teach students how to give back to the community.

West Tatnuck | Elementary School in Worcester that Provides Individual Challenges for Students

West Tatnuck is nestled in a picturesque suburban community that ranks as one of Worcester’s best neighborhoods. As the 2nd best elementary school in Worcester Public Schools, West Tank has an excellent community of strong teachers and respectful students. This school often aims to include challenges for each student that support their own individual learning levels and not the entire class as a whole. This wonderful approach ultimately makes learning more comfortable and beneficial for your child.

Midland Street | Worcester Elementary School with Strong Strategy for Student Success

Established in 1889, the Midland Street public elementary school is adjacent to the Duffy Field Playground which is just a short walk north of the school. Students at Midland Street have demonstrated high measurable growth on account of the staff’s comprehensive strategy that ensures all students are prepared for future success. This success will help your little ones be prepared for middle school, high school, and beyond.

Best Private Schools in Worcester

If you’re more interested in enrolling your student in a private institution, here are a few of the best private Worcester schools:

  • Bancroft School. This school is PreK–12, independent, co-educational, college-preparatory day school with a yearly tuition of $42,500.
  • Saint Paul Diocesan Junior/Senior High School. A regional, urban-centered, Co-Ed Catholic school with grades 7-12 and a yearly tuition of $10,750.
  • Worcester Academy. This is a private co-ed day and boarding school for students 6-12th grades. Tuition here is $40,000 to $56,000.

Worchester Schools FAQ

Does Worcester have good high schools?

Worcester MA has numerous highly-rated elementary, middle, and high schools. Many of these schools have earned national and state recognition awards.

What is the best school in Worcester?

University Pk Campus School and Worcester Arts Magnet School are among the best Worcester schools considering the graduation rates, state-required tests, and preparations for college.

How many schools are in Worcester?

Worcester Public Schools has 46 public schools. This includes 7 high schools, 6 middle schools, and 33 elementary

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