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Your piano fills your home with beautiful music and it’s a cherished heirloom you’re probably hoping to pass on to loved ones someday. Maybe it’s even been in your family for many years and brings back fond memories of childhood. No matter what type of piano you own, whether it’s a small spinet piano, console piano, grand piano, or baby grand piano, we understand the level of trust you place in Boston piano movers to ensure it makes it to its new home unharmed.

Did you know that the average piano has more than 12,000 components, 10,000 of which are moving parts? That’s a lot of opportunity for damage to delicate components when a piano isn’t moved properly! At Mass Bay Movers, we understand how crucial it is to choose a Boston piano moving company you can trust. That’s why our trained piano movers in Boston use specialized equipment and training to protect your delicate instrument from beginning to end. With our skilled movers, you don’t need to experience the heartache or hefty cost of piano repair after your move or deal with damage to your floors and walls.

Top Reasons to Hire Professional Boston Piano Movers

Whether you’re moving near or far, one thing is sure: relocating can be stressful and time-consuming without the right help! Hiring professional movers can make your relocation an efficient and stress-free process with the right training, equipment, and know-how to avoid common issues associated with a DIY move. While movers can be helpful with any type of move, their expertise really shines when it comes to moving delicate instruments. Boston piano movers ensure your delicate instrument makes it safely to your new home without damaging the exterior or the intricate working parts.

There are many challenges that come with moving a piano. It isn’t just heavy; it’s also fragile with delicate internal components. In fact, most pianos have over 10,000 moving parts! To avoid the need for tuning and repairs, it must be moved carefully and kept stable without being bumped or turned the wrong way. Attempting to move a piano yourself also poses the risk of injury. A piano can top 800 pounds — that’s as much as a full-grown bison! Improper handling can lead to injury to yourself, your children, or your pets. A top-rated Boston piano moving company ensures your move goes off without a hitch and your beautiful instrument looks and sounds as beautiful as always in your new home.

Specialized Training & Equipment Boston Piano Movers Use

One of the most important benefits of hiring the best Boston piano moving company? An experienced crew of movers will arrive with the specialized equipment and training necessary to avoid damage to your piano or home. Trained movers know which type of equipment to use depending on the style of your piano and access concerns like stairs and narrow hallways.

Top Boston moving companies offer a great deal of experience and specialized tools go into efficiently and safely moving a piano. Tie-down straps, moving blankets, and shrinkwrap are used to prep the piano to prevent external damage. For upright pianos, a piano dolly is used. Dollies allow the movers to keep the piano upright as it’s navigated through doorways, down stairs, and onto a truck. Special equipment called a piano board is used to move a grand piano which allows for additional padding and strapping. Piano skid boards allow the piano to be safely tilted or tipped on end to move the instrument around corners. For baby grand and grand pianos, the legs will be removed during the move so the piano can be secured to the board.

Don’t trust your cherished piano to Boston piano movers who lack the experience and equipment needed for a safe move. Unfortunately, you may see movers offering piano moving even when it’s outside their area of expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask a piano moving company in Boston what precautions they take and the type of equipment they use to ensure your instrument isn’t damaged in the move!

Boston Piano Moving Cost

Want to save yourself the backache and likely damage that can result from a DIY piano move? Your next concern is probably the Boston cost to hire piano movers.

When you request a Boston piano movers quote, you will need to give plenty of information about the type of piano, how far it needs to be moved, and access to the piano. For example, is it located on the ground floor or a second story? Does it need to be hoisted or moved down narrow stairs or is there service elevator access? The type of piano and access will help Boston piano moving companies determine how many movers will be needed to give you an accurate rate.

When you choose the best piano moving company in Boston, you can be sure that the Boston piano movers rates are affordable and the crew will be experienced with the right equipment. That means you can relax and trust that your heirloom piano will make the trip unharmed.

There’s one more aspect about the cost of Boston piano movers that may have you curious. Do you need to tip piano movers? How much tip for piano movers in Boston is appropriate? You definitely aren’t required to tip your piano movers, but our movers always appreciate the recognition for their hard work. Those who tip usually give between $20 and $40 per mover.

Choosing the Best Boston Piano Moving Company

You don’t want to trust your fragile piano to just anyone, but how do you choose affordable Boston piano movers you can trust? As with most things, it pays to do your research.

To find the best Boston moving company to trust with your piano, start by checking Boston moving company reviews on Google and Yelp. Look at the overall trend of reviews: are they positive or negative? Do you see the same complaints or praises mentioned? Next, verify how long the movers have been in business, their claims rate, and the number of pianos they move every year. You should also make sure they’re licensed and insured and verify their USDOT number with the Department of Transportation.

While price is important, remember that it isn’t everything. No one wants to save a little on moving labor only to pay hundreds for piano repair! Remember that trustworthy Boston, MA piano moving companies use the proper equipment for safely moving pianos as well as properly maintained trucks with smooth riding designed to handle delicate instruments.

At Mass Bay Movers, we’re proud to be one of the top Boston piano moving companies with over 1,000 moves performed every year and 30 dedicated team members who have undergone a rigorous training process. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rate thanks to our dedication to affordable rates, integrity, and putting customer service first.

No matter what type of piano you have, you can trust the affordable Boston piano movers at Mass Bay Movers to ensure it reaches its new destination without scratches, dings, or harm to fragile internal components. We have years of experience moving all types of pianos, including grand pianos, with the skill and equipment necessary for an efficient and safe move. Contact us today for a free estimate on piano moving in Boston, MA!


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  • Sal and his team went way above and beyond. We had to cancel on them 3 times due to bumps in the road selling our house, once just hours before they were due to arrive. I half expected him to kick us to the curb, but he couldn't have been... read more

    Carol T. Avatar
    Carol T.
    1 month ago

    5 star ratingI really enjoyed our move. These two young men worked really hard. We laughed and enjoyed the move. I would highly recommend this company. The owner Sal is a pleasant person to work with. He always answers when I called and gave me a quick estimate and all the info... read more

    Cynthia W. Avatar
    Cynthia W.
    2 months ago

    The workers were wonderful, efficient, willing to move things around until we were satisfied. They worked quickly and had the job done in no time. I would highly recommend Mass Bay Movers

    Marie Gurry Avatar
    Marie Gurry
    3 months ago
  • Mass Bay Movers were a joy to work with and would recommend them without hesitation. They were on time, thorough in their walk through before they began moving things out, made a room by room list of items and left nothing behind. A number of our things... read more

    Babe Ceglarski Avatar
    Babe Ceglarski
    4 months ago

    5 star ratingSimply Stated....This company from customer service to movers to owner is OUTSTANDING!!!!  Our most recent move was the 4th job that they have done for us.  We have moved 13 times (locally and cross country) for my husband's professional career so we have a very good idea about the quality... read more

    Denis G. Avatar
    Denis G.
    4 months ago

    5 star ratingVery professional, nice guys who were clearly mindful of not damaging anything. We moved houses and had never used movers before. Outstanding work and worth every penny -- not to mention affordable pricing. Wouldn't hesitate to call them again!

    Alex W. Avatar
    Alex W.
    4 months ago
  • From beginning to end the guys who worked with us were very professional, pleasant and polite! They took great care with our possessions, and were very accommodating even when we decided to change the destination of some of our furniture and put it into storage.
    I would highly recommend...
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    Linda Pace Avatar
    Linda Pace
    4 months ago

    I Cannot say enough about Sal, Sara, and their moving team! My boyfriend and I recently purchased a home in Vermont relocating from Worcester MA. It was a very exciting time however the thought of moving all of our stuff 3.5 hours north was extremely stressful. Sal made the scheduling... read more

    Kim Chronchio Avatar
    Kim Chronchio
    4 months ago

    Three cheers for Mass Bay Movers! They provided great service, and stood by their commitment to complete customer satisfaction. I’ll definitely use them again for my next move!
    Luanne Thorndyke

    Luanne Thorndyke Avatar
    Luanne Thorndyke
    4 months ago
  • 5 star ratingWe recently mad a move from Littleton MA to Warren RI with the help of Mass Bay movers. They did an exceptional job for a very fair price . We downsized from a family home of 27 years that formerly included 3 kids, my parents and a preschool to a... read more

    Lynda M. Avatar
    Lynda M.
    5 months ago

    We had 5 men and 2 trucks for our move. it took them 11 hours .They were extremely hard working, never stopped except for a half hour lunch during travel period. All the men were very polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. Our items were all packed carefully and with... read more

    Jane Dausch Avatar
    Jane Dausch
    5 months ago

    5 star ratingTop-notch experience with this company, from beginning to end.  We were flooded out of our house last January and during the rebuild, Mass Bay Movers packed us up, stored our belongings for 10 months, and returned them last week in perfect condition.  Sal was terrific to work with, as was... read more

    Joe C. Avatar
    Joe C.
    7 months ago
  • I had a great experience with Mass Bay Movers. They were on time,very friendly and made my move go smoothly. I highly recommend them.

    Jeffrey Thompson Avatar
    Jeffrey Thompson
    7 months ago

    Moving is the worst but Mass Bay Movers are THE BEST!!!
    Cannot say enough about every aspect from the office Sal & Nick ... to the nicest, most professional trio who did the actual move.
    Thank you for making it as painless as possible!

    kim khazei Avatar
    kim khazei
    8 months ago

    Mass Bay Movers were phenomenal! I’ve moved many times in the last 10 years and they were by far the best team we’ve ever used. Efficient, professional, and fast. Highly, highly, highly recommend them for any move you have planned!

    Sharon Rusciano Avatar
    Sharon Rusciano
    9 months ago
  • Everything was perfect from the estimate through to the last box moved. Everyone was friendly, helpful and accommodating. The price was the best I found too. I would definitely recommend them.

    Julie Lampron Avatar
    Julie Lampron
    10 months ago

    Mass Bay Movers did a great job moving my 4 bedroom home. They took great care to make sure everything was protected and secure. Everything that went into the truck was labelled and documented. They stored everything for 4 months and then delivered it in the same condition as it... read more

    Tony S. Avatar
    Tony S.
    10 months ago

    We had 5 men and 2 trucks for our move. it took them 11 hours .They were extremely hard working, never stopped except for a half hour lunch during travel period. All the men were very polite, knowledgeable, and efficient. Our items were all packed carefully and with... read more

    Jane Dausch Avatar
    Jane Dausch
    10 months ago
  • Hilberth was the leader of the other two men and they were the best movers I ever had. They did exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend them to anybody. They showed up on time and finished right to what my quote... read more

    robin m. Avatar
    robin m.
    10 months ago

    5 star ratingI have been in the moving industry for a number of years. A few months ago i changed careers and naturally a short time after my girlfriends mom needed a move. I was out of town on day of move and couldn't help. Mass Bay Movers had a warehouse around... read more

    Delloiacono M. Avatar
    Delloiacono M.
    10 months ago

    We called and talked to Sal, who was very courteous and helpful. He sent someone over to give us an estimate, which was very reasonable. When the big day came, the price was even lower! The guys were very friendly and gentle with our stuff. They...
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    Anthony Gesamondo Avatar
    Anthony Gesamondo
    11 months ago
    We called and talked to Sal, who was very courteous and helpful. He sent someone over to give us an estimate, which was very reasonable. When the big day came, the price was even lower! The guys were very friendly and gentle with our stuff. They...
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    Anthony Gesamondo Avatar
    Anthony Gesamondo
    11 months ago

    5 star ratingThese guys were extremely professional, fast, and efficient. My husband and I hired them for our move from Boston to Saugus in January and we couldn't be more happy.

    Did they come on time? Yes
    Were they professional? Yes
    Were they cost efficient: Yes
    Were they fast: Very fast

    Because of the time we...
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    Dani Marie B. Avatar
    Dani Marie B.
    11 months ago

    Easiest part of buying and selling our homes was the move. Nicest moving crew had us in in less time than estimated and not one item was broken or missing. Perfect 10 on service!

    April Robinson Avatar
    April Robinson
    11 months ago
  • These guys were awesome! Punctual, friendly and very conscientious. They even helped me move a few additional things from my car. I would highly recommend to anyone moving in the Boston area.

    Kelly Slocum Avatar
    Kelly Slocum
    11 months ago

    They did a great job. Very professional, courteous and considerate. The movers were on time, friendly and extremely careful with my furniture. It was a very fair price and a job well done. Would certainly recommend them!

    Carol Lembo Avatar
    Carol Lembo
    1 year ago

    Words can’t express the gratitude my husband and I have for Mass Bay Movers.

    From the moment Nick M. came to our home to provide us with an estimate, we knew THIS was the company to hire. His professionalism was utmost. He explained exactly how all of our furnishings and household...
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    Nancy Correia Avatar
    Nancy Correia
    1 year ago
  • 5 star ratingI highly recommend Mass Bay Movers. I received a professional looking flyer in the mail. I checked out their reviews first online and felt encouraged by all the positive comments. I called and talked to Sal. It was later in the evening and he was still working at the office.... read more

    Ellie F. Avatar
    Ellie F.
    1 year ago

    5 star ratingMass Bay Movers is fantastic. They were professional and efficient. Anytime that I hear someone is moving, I suggest Mass Bay Movers.

    Jill R. Avatar
    Jill R.
    1 year ago

    5 star ratingWe just had Mass Bay Movers and we were so impressed. The crew were professional, on time, and patient with us. Not a scratch or ding to be found on furniture, floors or walls. Beyond impressed! Will definitely recommend to others.

    Ray C. Avatar
    Ray C.
    1 year ago