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Coronavirus (or Covid-19) Update

The COVID – 19 Update

Mass Bay Movers, like many businesses, is learning how to navigate the new business landscape in the COVID 19 era. We remain open for business and we are accepting new jobs from our customers.

Moving and Storage Companies are included in the Governor’s list of essential businesses that may remain open and we have continued to operate over the past few weeks without any service disruptions. I am proud to say we have completed every move that we committed to do for our customers.

In the past few weeks new norms have come into place in customer service. We have tried to stay up to date and adopt these changes in the way that we work. Some changes that we have made include:

  • Strongly encouraging workers to stay home if they have any cold or flu symptoms. We have given all team members 5 additional personal paid days so they will not feel like they need to work while sick. We have also reassured our team members that if anyone does get seriously sick with COVID 19 we will give them up to 2 additional weeks of paid leave while they recover.
  • Increasing mindfulness of working in a sanitary manner. This includes providing employees with gloves and face masks and alcohol based hand sanitizer. We also have provided workers with surface cleaner and paper towels to clean the steering wheels and cabins of the trucks and any other surfaces that they come in contact with.
  • Social distancing – We encourage our workers to do their best to keep a safe distance from each other when possible and also to keep 6 feet away from our customers if possible. We also encourage our customers to try to stay away from the workers while the job is going on. Some customers have waited in their car while we perform the job. I think that this and other preventative measures are helpful in minimizing the likelihood of passing infectious disease.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Please let us know if you require moving services. We are actively seeking out new customers to keep our business going strong in this difficult economic time. We appreciate your support.


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