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living in Saugus

Living in Saugus, MA | What You Need to Know | The Complete Guide

While the area has a popular reputation for its retail shops, residents living in Saugus also love the close-knit nature of the community. Known primarily as a middle-class suburb, this community is the gateway to the North Shore. It is also popular among commuters thanks to its location just a few miles north of Boston.

Saugus was originally settled in 1629 and before long became the site of Saugus Iron Works and the first ice harvesting industry in the country. With the creation of United States Route 1 in 1805, the town gradually started to expand.

Today, Route 1 is lined with countless businesses that bring millions of dollars in revenue to this small city. The vibrant community is home to amenities like a senior center, a library, and a golf course.

Residents enjoy having homes that are always nearby some type of water, whether they be local ponds or the Broad Sound. They also have easy access to Nahant and Revere beach which are only about 15-20 minutes away.

If you’re contemplating moving to Saugus, read below to learn the basics of what you need to know about this quaint city.

1. People of Saugus

In 2017, the local census estimated a Saugus population of around 28,000 people. There were about 10,039 households in the area, and 93.6 percent of the population had lived in their home for more than a year. Considering how many residents have remained in the city for decades, this figure is no surprise.

Because of the large population of Italian residents in the city, Saugus has plenty of delicious Italian restaurants, eateries, and pizzerias. While the population has aged slightly over the past few years, this city is still a popular choice for families. Many families have multiple generations living in Saugus, so the city retains many of its residents as these individuals like to stay in the same area.

2. Housing Market in Saugus

Right now, the average price of a home in Saugus is starting to increase. During the past year, the home costs have risen about 8% to around $441,000. This marked a $35,000 increase in sales price from the previous year. To put things in perspective, for a one-bedroom property, buyers can expect to pay an average price of $222,500.

Over the past few years, rent prices have also been on the rise. Currently, the average rent in Saugus is around $2,400 per month.

3. Cost of Living in Saugus

Because of its location and desirability, the cost of living in Saugus is about 44% higher than the national average. Like most of Massachusetts, housing is more expensive in Saugus than in most areas of the country. It also ranks above the US average for utilities, transportation, and food costs. Due to the area setting, many basic groceries like milk and eggs tend to be a bit more pricey than other places.

Compared to the rest of Massachusetts, it is only slightly higher for housing and transportation, with a difference of around 17%. But living in Saugus does offer cheaper health care than the country average, partially making up for the higher costs in other facets of life.

4. Saugus Neighborhoods

Saugus is only 9 miles northeast of central Boston and 9 miles southwest of Salem. As a good middle point for commuters, some of the best neighborhoods in Saugus include Lynnhurst, East Saugus, and Oaklandvale. Many residents enjoy the Pleasant Hills and Cliftondale neighborhoods as well.

neighborhoods in Saugus

The entire city has an extremely low crime rate, averaging about 17% less than the national average. This puts it in the top half of the safest cities in the US.

5. Saugus Schools

The schools in Saugus are known for their quality education and consistent curriculum. Because of the strong school systems, this city is popular among families. Thanks to the small locale, Saugus is served by just one school district. Students at Saugus Public Schools can attend one of the four elementary schools before going to Belmonte Middle School and then Saugus High School. Waybright Elementary consistently sports the highest rating among all the elementary schools in the area. Saugus has begun construction on a brand new middle-high school for grades 6-12 which is scheduled to open in September 2020 to replace the current middle and high schools. The new school will have a 12,000-square-foot gymnasium, new science labs and technology classrooms, a 750-seat auditorium, a new sports complex, outdoor track, walking paths, outdoor classrooms, and student gardens.

Along with the primary schools, Saugus has a handful of colleges close by. With . Residents are within traveling distance to 4-year colleges like Salem State University, Boston University, Boston College and of course, Harvard and also many more. There are also 2-year community colleges like Bunker Hill just down the road in Boston and North Shore Community College in Danvers.

6. Jobs in Saugus

Residents never have to worry about finding Saugus jobs. Whether you want to work in a local industry or commute to downtown Boston, there are plenty of options available. The average resident in the area has a traditional 29.2-minute commute.

Within Saugus, residents can find jobs at commercial businesses, restaurants, and shops. One of the best employers in the city is C-4 Analytics, a data management and marketing company. With Route One running directly through Saugus there are an abundance of jobs to be found at restaurants and shopping stores. Many of the other major employers are retail companies like Home Depot, Best Buy, Stop and Shop, Walmart, and Target.

7. Things to Do in Saugus

Within Saugus, residents can enjoy having many shopping options, especially around Square One Mall. There is also the option of traveling 15 minutes to Lynnfield to eat or shop at Market Street. If you want to enjoy a show, head to the Giggles Comedy Club at the Prince Pizzeria. This comedy event is hosted every Friday and Saturday night. There are also plenty of shows available through the local theater group.

things to do in Saugus

Another one of the best things to do in Saugus is to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Residents can hike or kayak in green spaces like the Breakheart Reservation and the Rumney Marsh Reservation. There are also plenty of smaller parks dotting the town. Saugus is also home to Cedar Glen which is a 9-hole golf course. Saugus is also close to the ocean, offering additional water activities and chances to hang out at Nahant Beach and Revere Beach.

8. Places to Eat in Saugus

If you are looking for the best places to eat in Saugus, the hardest part will be choosing just one restaurant at a time. To enjoy amazing Mexican cuisine and drinks, head to the Border Cafe. Then, Kowloon is one of the town’s most popular restaurants and offers delicious Chinese cuisine, while playing host to athletes and comedians during its various entertainment nights. Panera Bread and Kelly’s Roast Beef are perfect options if you are in a hurry and want a quick bite to eat.

The Iron Town Diner offers traditional diner breakfast food along with options for lunch and dinner. If you want a classic steakhouse, head over to Jimmy’s Steer House. And with such a strong Italian influence, it’s not surprising that the area has many exceptional Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Rosaria is best if you want high-end, Italian cuisine and Angela’s Coal Fired Pizza is a great place to grab a slice.

9. Weather in Saugus

Like most of Massachusetts, Saugus is a city that demands sturdy winter boots and a warm coat. Because it is close to the ocean, Saugus has a consistently cool climate. During winter time, the temperature frequently hovers around 20°F. While summer brings warmer days, in the high 70s and low 80s.

Saugus weather

Residents can expect about 46 inches of snow per year, as well as 49 inches of rain. As another reminder, Saugus weather tends to be a bit colder most areas around the United States, so just be prepared before you move there.

Moving to Saugus?

Living in Saugus is a popular choice for families and commuters searching for a home in the Boston metro area. It offers a quick drive along Route 1 to downtown and is also close to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) subway as an alternate commute option.

Residents can enjoy having a suburban lifestyle that is close to everything that the Greater Boston Area and the North Shore have to offer. This historic town is filled with cultural events and community activities. It is a great spot for anyone who wants a safe neighborhood and a high quality of life in the northeastern United States.

Are you moving to Saugus? The Mass Bay Movers team is fully prepared to help with all your moving needs. Be sure to contact us for a free quote by calling (978) 587-3775.

We look forward to hearing from you and making your move a quick and easy success!


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